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Comment: Lots of potential (Score 1) 178

by Socguy (#45155753) Attached to: Volvo Developing Nano-Battery Tech Built Into Car Body Panels
This strikes me as having potential to augment the traditional battery in a car. I don't think it will replace it, nor should it. Combine this with a moderate sized battery and you extend the range of the car dramatically. Better, you can have two different systems optimized for different uses, one a slow charging energy dense battery and the other a quick charging efficient capacitor mopping up regenerative breaking energy and delivering it in a quick burst. Add in a few other systems such as integrating solar power to help run the increasing number to gadgets in cars and the electric car starts to really shine.

+ - Piracy can increase sales->

Submitted by Socguy
Socguy (933973) writes "Apparently the claims that digital downloading is killing music and movies is overblown according to the London school of economics. In fact, there is some evidence to indicate that it actually generates more income in certain cases."

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+ - New way to generate steam from sunlight->

Submitted by Socguy
Socguy (933973) writes "New research indicates that the use of nano particles suspended in a fluid can absorb sunlight and release it into the surrounding fluid creating steam without wastefully heating the surrounding liquid.

Broad potential applications include: desalinization, distillation, sterilization and sanitation."

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Comment: Stupid (Score 2) 705

This is stupid on so many levels it boggles the mind. I'll have to limit to just a few:

If this guy decided to start selling traffic analysis to the city, then he should be stopped. However, the individual who did this work was not doing it for a profit therefore the complaint is meaningless. With the proliferation of the internet, anybody can easily obtain and use once obscure and hoarded knowledge. If someone takes the time to research and complete a well thought out and presented argument, it is incumbent on the city to respond in a well thought out manner. If he made a mistake, reply and point it out at the level he or she is engaging you on. Obviously in this case, someone in the city got caught with their pants down and doesn't like it. There are a lot of cocky people out there who think that they are gods gift to... (fill in the blank)... and that they are irreplaceable. They don't like it when they are shown up. People need to realize that no matter how highly skilled and how much education you have, OTHER PEOPLE CAN DO WHAT YOU DO TOO! ( Sometimes even better than you;) )

If this complaint is allowed to stand, the precedent it sets is scary: Any government councilor had better not question the engineer of any project. Same goes for the public at large. At least nobody better complain using any sort of intelligent argument.

Comment: New species? Nonsense. (Score 1) 389

by Socguy (#34865140) Attached to: Scientist Says NASA Must Study Space Sex
Perhaps I have mistaken how evolution works, however, just having babies in space or elsewhere is not enough to evolve a new species. You need selective pressures which only allow certain individuals to survive. I doubt very much that babies born off-world will face such a high mortality rate that many will not survive to have children of their own.

Comment: Do it. (Score 1) 319

by Socguy (#34484088) Attached to: Racy Danish Tabloid May Sue Apple For App Rejection
Do it.

While it's not much of a deterrent to this kind of garbage that we've come to expect from apple in the short term. I'll still take a decision 5-10 years from now that might humble them a bit.

Although, take what I have to say with a grain of salt. I use to pull for Apple, but I've got a growing distaste for the business practices of almighty Jobs. Not that any of this would really matter to Apple because I'm not, nor will I ever be, a customer unless or until they amend their ways! Come to think of it: I've got to be the least desireable customer out there. I'm not an early adopter, nor do I feel the slighted pressure to buy the new 'it' item. Frankly, I'll go out of my way to spite a company that I feel deserves it and do my best to make sure others do as well.
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Witcher 2 Torrents Could Net You a Fine 724

Posted by Soulskill
from the dodging-legal-threats-now-a-valid-gameplay-mechanic dept.
An anonymous reader writes with this quote from Eurogamer: "Gamers who download upcoming PC exclusive The Witcher 2 illegally could receive a letter demanding they pay a fine or face legal action. If gamers refuse to pay the fine, which will be more than the cost of the game, they could end up in court, developer CD Projekt told Eurogamer. 'Of course we're not happy when people are pirating our games, so we are signing with legal firms and torrent sneaking companies,' CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiski said. 'In quite a few big countries, when people are downloading it illegally they can expect a letter from a legal firm saying, "Hey, you downloaded it illegally and right now you have to pay a fine." We are totally fair, but if you decide you will not buy it legally there is a chance you'll get a letter. We are talking about it right now.' Interestingly, The Witcher 2 will be released free of digital rights management – but only through the CD Projekt-owned digital download shop That means owners will be able to install it as many times as they like on any number of computers – and it will not requite an internet connection to run."

Comment: My opinion, feel free to disagree! (Score 4, Insightful) 527

by Socguy (#33846228) Attached to: Facebook Billionaire Gives Money To Legalize Marijuana
1. If alcohol is legal pot should be too. The former has far more potential for harm than the latter.
2. Half the population feels or has felt the law is contemptible and contemptible laws breed contempt for the law.
3. Pot should be regulated much the same as alcohol and cigarettes, in your home or licensed establishment. Obviously, one should not drive or engage in other potentially harmful activities when stoned. Common sense must prevail.
4. If governments wish, the level of THC in the product could be regulated in order to prevent ever more potent strains from being engineered.
5. Don't expect a huge tax windfall from legalizing pot, the stuff is dirt cheap to produce because it grows like a weed. Pun intended. Once the risk is removed, absent government mandated pricing competition will drive prices through the floor just like the rest of agriculture.
6. Stop putting people in jail for smoking pot. It makes no sense when places like California have such huge budgetary issues. A ballot initiative should be put to the people, de-criminalize or tax increase proportional to the cost of keeping all those locked up for the offense in jail. Halting the lock ups is really the only area you will see savings from legalization.
7. If Pot is legalized, then discourage smoking as a delivery method... Smoking is still harmful to your health.
8. At some point, it will happen so why not be ahead of the curve? The benefit is generally the greatest for the early adopter of these sorts of things.
9. No system is perfect. The best we can do is always try to make things better!

+ - Has Digg been compromised?-> 1

Submitted by Socguy
Socguy (933973) writes "Has Digg been compromised? Alternet is reporting massive censorship of sites like Digg, twitter, Stumbleupon and others by a group going by the name of Digg patriots. The process is simple: When a story is submitted that the group likes, they place it on a mailing list and thousands of members 'Digg' it. This means that it gains popularity and often rises to the main page where most of the viewers reside. When a story comes up that doesn't like, they, place it on a 'bury' mailing list and the membership down votes the story often to such an extent that it is removed from the upcoming section and can never make it to the main page. This group is reasonably well organized as they have gone so far as to develop their own tools to expedite this process."
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Comment: Re:As a Canadian (Score 1) 318

by Socguy (#32656364) Attached to: Might Shatner Boldly Lead Canada As Governor?
Not true... this January the GG of Canada had a choice to make about who would be the prime minister of Canada, when the current Prime minister approached her and told her that he wished to shut down parliament after something like three days. The opposition signed a powersharing deal in which they would be able to form a coalition government. Shuttering parliament was seen across the country as a political maneuver to avoid defeat. All eyes across the country turned to the GG as she was the arbiter who would ultimately decide who became prime minister.

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