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Comment I can say the prequels don't exist and believe it. (Score 1) 424

My memories of Star Wars are of standing in line as a seven-year-old during the original release in 1977.

I never got around to seeing the prequels and from what I hear that was good fortune. Now I can live in ignorant bliss that they never existed. I won't see the latest attempt to cash in on the original films either. Why taint a perfect childhood memory?

Comment I wish Windows were not relevant. (Score 1) 248

Many have long wanted to see Windows wiped from existence. Thirty years, in those same people reluctantly send their pound of flesh to Redmond every release cycle.

Maybe in another thirty years there will be an open source desktop OS with more than single digit percentage use on the desktop.

Comment The girl next door. (Score 4, Interesting) 200

Hugh Hefner based Playboy on the idea of revealing the sexy side of "the girl next door." It was an innocent notion, part fantasy, part reality, presented with taste and class over several interesting decades of changing social values.

Well done, Hef. The internet has made you obsolete, but will never replace you.

"Spock, did you see the looks on their faces?" "Yes, Captain, a sort of vacant contentment."