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Comment Re:This is College (Score 1) 664

Indeed, the professors work for the students, not vice versa. It always perplexed me why some college profs took attendance. They are there to teach not to babysit. If some schmo wants to blow his 30 grand a year tuition playing bejeweled, what does the professor care? I mean does the professor have some high score and he's hoping to eliminate the competition for the next international bejeweled tournament? Well actually, if that's the case, I guess it's ok.

Because in many cases, the schmo is getting 50-80% of the cost of their schooling paid for by the taxpayers. Plus those that play games, use Facebook, etc. are the first to complain when they don't get the grade they feel "entitled" to..

Comment Re:Expelled (Score 1) 684

Just make the punishment for cheating sufficiently harsh.

My college allows a range of punishments, any of which can be applied to the first offense:

  • -re-do the assignment
  • -failure of the assignment, no make-up allowed.
  • -failure of the course.

Repeated offenses result in expulsion.

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