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Comment Re:The problem with neural networks (Score 3, Informative) 45

Sure, it's all extremely difficult. I'd think with neural networks you can use an evolutionary approach and eventually choose the program which has evolved and performed best over a series of X million of tests. The question "when is the program done" doesn't mean "when has the programmer thought of every last possibility" anymore, but rather "when are we satisfied enough with the statistics that we trust this program enough?"

Comment Re:The problem with neural networks (Score 2) 45

Or, arguably, we need to change our definition of "verifiable"... For complex activities such as driving cars, we're reaching the limits of traditionally programmed computers. A human programmer cannot possibly think of every possible situation a car might encounter on the street and pre-program an appropriate response into the car. Neural networks and "artificial intelligence" doesn't have a pre-programmed response, but could come up with one based on patterns it knows. So it becomes more about giving the machine a robust basis to work on and then training it... just like a human gathers experiences and then applies them to new situations.

Comment Re:I DON'T want windows 10 (Score 1) 96

Stances like yours really make me wonder why you stick with Windows then. No, I'm not trying to wave any particular other persuasion in your face here. But being paranoid about my OS and the motivations of the company behind it is simply the last thing I'd want to spend my time with. I'd either choose an OS which I don't have to wrestle with about upgrades, or one which I'm confident enough about that I don't mind the upgrades. Not having either option and still sticking with it seems extremely unproductive to me.

Comment Re:Don't use a password (Score 1) 128

I'll bite... wut?!

If you're asking a user to calculate a hash in their head based on a secret plus the current time when entering a password, you're greatly overestimating the amount of time and mental capacity regular people have.
If OTOH you're talking about using a hash of a secret plus the unhashed current time, your suggestion is completely useless. The hash would be static and simply be a normal static password, and the addition of the current time would be of no extra significance to security. Not to mention that you'll have a hell of a time with clock synchronisation.

To make dynamic hash calculations based on secrets feasible in practice, you need a dingus which does it for you... oh wait, that's a smart card or an OTP device.

"Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann