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The latest CBO report shows that the law is on track to reduce the total number of uninsured people by 12 million this year. Page 8 of the PDF.

I don't see the mention of 12 billion at all on that page or the ones next to it.

Of course you mean 12 million, not 12 billion.

The reason you can't find the number is because you are (quite correctly) looking at the page labeled as number 8. Unfortunately the PDF was not formatted correctly and the numbering is not restarting after the four-page preamble. Because of that, @artor3's PDF reader is incorrectly telling him that the page he is looking at is number 8, while you will find it's labeled as number 4.

So, go to page 4, Table 2, and look at the column for 2014. The Item (Change in Insurance Coverage Under the ACA) for Uninsured shows an increase of -12 (millions).

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Perhaps the most hilarious thing about that website are the photos of "Dr. Amir Khadim, M.D., Ph.D." with the device... He's wearing glasses!

(Yes, I know. Not all eyesight defects can be corrected by LASIK. Still it's bad publicity as it suggests lack of confidence in the device you are selling – or its effectiveness.)

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That is to say, the Mac he was demonstrating was different from the Mac Apple was selling: it had 512K of RAM. The only Mac available for purchase at launch had 128K and was not capable of running the MacInTalk speech synthesis software.

True, true. But the the 128K Mac was upgradable to 512K (albeit by an authorized reseller, not by the end user), and Macs that already came with 512 KB of RAM were introduced later that year.

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I have a ti-36 solar...

Yeah, but he's used to RPN so he's pretty much stuck with HP models. ...although he doesn't say that. Which makes this "Ask Slashdot" as pointless as any other "Ask Slashdot".

Asking which is "best" is never a good question.

But the list of approved calculators that he mentioned does include two HP models: HP 33s and HP 35s. Both support RPN, and while certainly more expensive than the TI-36X Pro the HP 35s is probably cheap enough for the submitter's needs.

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Actually, if you look at the benchmarks it loses in everything but the GL benchmarks. Then go and look at the benchmarks at phonearena and the 5S hands the Nexus 5 it's ass on pretty much every test.

Actually, the Nexus 5 comes on top of the iPhone 5S in the GLBenchmark v2.5.1 tests in the HotHardware article, but loses in the GFXBench 2.7 tests in the Ars Technica article.

How did this happen? After all, GFXBench is the successor of GLBenchmark. My first guess was that maybe GFXBench 2.7 was compiled for 64-bits on the iPhone 5S, while GLBenchmark, being older, was probably running in 32-bit mode. (These tests measure mostly GPU performance, but getting the CPU to perform faster should help at least a little.) But it turns out that GFXBench 2.7 probably hasn't yet been recompiled to run in 64-bit mode on iOS yet.

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Another "super submitter" was Roland Piquepaille.

R.P. annoyed the heck out of many here because he would frequently link to entries on his own blog in his submissions, to the point that at the end most of his submissions were considered spam and rejected. But, hey... he did submit a truckload of stories.

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Well, that's what Apple tries to imply (page 2):

Apple is likely the largest corporate income tax payer in the US, having paid nearly $6 billion in taxes to the US Treasury in FY2012. These payments account for $1 in every $40 in corporate income tax the US Treasury collected last year.

Note that that is an official testimony of Apple to the US Senate, so if it's a lie it's not likely to be very blatant. The fact that they payed $6 billion in 2012 has really not been contested, as you can check through a Google search. Whether it really makes Apple the largest tax payer, I can't confirm.

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Samsung America has more employees in the USA than Apple does. However, as long as people think of Samsung as a Korean company...

Bullshit. At the end of 2011, Samsung had 21,531 employees in the Americas (mostly in the USA, see page 58). Around the same time (February 2012), Apple had 50,250 direct employees in the U.S.

Straight from the horses' mouths.

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I have to post anon because I work for AT&T. As normal this time of year all employees are on red alert, no new vacations can be scheduled because of the iphone release, and many of use have to go on mandatory overtime.

And yet you are here posting on Slashdot in the middle of the Monday morning after the launch. Go to work, hippie! ;-)

Apple, realizing it was an incremental update, laid down some new rules for us. Many of our call centers could not sell it, and we had to force the majority of users that normally called into to order it, to use our website.

Or Apple, realizing they wouldn't be able to have enough phones ready, tried to funnel people towards the websites so that they wouldn't be so frustrated by having to wait until October for their new phones.

Oddly enough our response to the new Iphone was less than stellar as it had been in previous years, and we saw very few customers seeing it as a must have device. And we were shipped absurdly small amounts of units so we could sell out quickly.

And yet Apple in total sold several million more units in the first weekend than in any other weekend after an iPhone introduction.

You can still get them in places like Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart.

Not in the ones I checked, but I guess the situation may be different where you live, so I'll take your word for it. (Oh, wait, you're an AC, so your word is worth even less than mine. Never mind.)

Plus 99.9 percent bought the phone at a subsidized price.

And as an AT&T employee you know that "subsidized" just means "We get the same money from you (actually more) by overcharging you for 2+ years. We still have to pay Apple close to full price."

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The entry beating the A7 in many of those tests is a latest-gen desktop processing chip from Intel.

No. That Intel Bay Trail chip is part of the Atom family, intended for tablets and super-portable computers that require low power consumption.

You are right. The parent's post should read:

The iPhone 5S is the 2nd fast phone on the market.

Educate yourself with the fact that, for now, it's the fastest phone [1] in the market. The entry beating the A7 in many of those tests is a latest-gen chip from Intel intended for tablets and super-portable computers that require low power consumption, and not really suitable for a cellphone.

On the other hand, the basic message didn't change.

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Ah, you make several excellent points.

First and most importantly, regarding the issue of the smell vs. taste of feces: I basically agree with you, but do note that roasting of the coffee beans would almost certainly change drastically both the smell and the taste of any fecal matter residue in the coffee. So even though it does not evoke the smell of cat poop, the GP's experience may have been affected by poop (but only if the coffee was handled *very* poorly).

Second, regarding the smell and taste of coffee: You are so right! I personally love (some) medium roasts, both the smell and the taste. I prefer them straight, but I concur that a drop of milk or a pinch of sugar make it "taste" more like it "smells".

On the other hand I absolutely detest dark roasts. I find them way too bitter and I can't find any appealing flavor in them at all, even though some don't smell like ashes. I always wondered why I could drink them in milk-rich preparations without adding sugar when I found the black coffee or espresso undrinkable. Your explanation makes a lot of sense.

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