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+ - Massive US spy operation on Arab world uncovered->

Submitted by mask.of.sanity
mask.of.sanity writes: Get comfortable. This is huge — in gravity and length. A crowd sourced investigation dubbed Project PM has probed reams leaked emails involving US intelligence companies and uncovered a massive spy operation targeting social media and telecommunications in the Arab world. The allegations, derived from 70,000 emails stolen from HBGary earlier this year, detailed a project dubbed Romas/COIN, to be proceeded by Odyssey, which could automatically analyse millions of conversations. Google, Apple, the trio of HBGary spooks and even Disney are involved.
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+ - Distribute IT Claims Data Unrecoverable->

Submitted by Smithy66
Smithy66 writes: In a statement issued yesterday, Distribute.IT says that "In assessing the situation, our greatest fears have been confirmed that not only was the production data erased during the attack, but also key backups, snapshots and other information that would allow us to reconstruct these Servers from the remaining data." One has to ask the question is this just poor disaster recovery practices or is it time to get really tough on the bad guys?
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Comment: Re:You need to find an exit strategy (Score 1) 592

by Smithy66 (#28618479) Attached to: Tech Or Management Beyond Age 39?
Sweeping generalisations. Anyone over 40 is past it and any under 25 is dumb as dog s...t. Neither are true. There is talent, creativity, experience and knowlege. You need them all. I'd say from your response that you are well under 40. I could give you examples of projects where the youth factor was over represented and we came away with the experience that without some experience and pragmatism, you end up 'hearding cats' and watching generation 'Y' egos fight it out as to which is 'coolest' or 'most awesome' solution whilst the customer is still waiting for what they asked for.

Comment: Re:You need to find an exit strategy (Score 2, Insightful) 592

by Smithy66 (#28618005) Attached to: Tech Or Management Beyond Age 39?

It's nearly impossible to maintain the energy and volume of coding that you do in your 20"

Isn't it the quality of the code not the quantity. Surely 20 years of hard won experience as a coder learning how to do it properly trumps a brain with maybe half the age but none of the wisdom.

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