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+ - Examining the UFOs over NYC

Submitted by SmellMyTeenSpirit
SmellMyTeenSpirit (207288) writes "On October 13, 2010, various areal phenomena were reported by major news networks [huffington post, fox, abc] and filmed above Chelsea, New York. Though it seems relatively easy to establish conventional explanations for most of what was seen, there remains the odd fact that a major UFO sighting was recently predicted to occur on October 13, 2010. This blog post presents the relevant evidence in a clear and systematic way so that you can make up your own mind."

Political Viewpoints Linked To Fear 800

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the scaredy-cats-and-retards-the-new-political-parties dept.
Pentagram writes "Researchers writing in Science report that the political orientation of test subjects who have strong views is linked to how easy they are to startle. They found that subjects who were more fearful were more likely to have right wing views, such as being in favor of capital punishment and higher defense budgets. The researchers suggest that this psychological difference is why it is so difficult to change people's minds in political arguments."

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