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Comment: Re:And most don't care (Score 1) 90

by SmaryJerry (#49753889) Attached to: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones
I think the quoted text doesn't disagree with anything you said, it's point is that the skin color itself and racism has nothing to do with blacks being poor. The skin color of a black man from Africa and a black man from America does not land them in jail more often, does not keep them poor, whatever racism may exist does not limit their ability to prosper. What does limit abilities to prosper is speaking a different language, not understanding the local laws, and not having any support around you, yet despite all that, an African is more likely than a black American to go to the middle class. Having known single moms with minimum wage jobs, these people claiming to be held down by the system can stick their excuses up their *ss. For one, all children get free insurance so health problems are immediately a non-issue. Secondly, low-income housing is everywhere, if you or I wanted the exact same apartment as someone making under 60% of the median wage, we have to pay approximately double for the rent. But you say , how can we go to college? Well scholorships and loans are available to everyone no matter what. You don't need good grades, you don't need to be good at sports, you just need to have the desire to go and even then if your income is low enough, you only have to pay back 50% of your loans (which also pay for housing, food, books and tuition) not the whole amount. When someone says the system is to blame, it is the most ludicrous statement. America has the best system in the world for the poor.

Comment: Advertising based on browsing history (Score 1) 519

by SmaryJerry (#49752627) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users
Advertising based on browsing history is the worst kind of advertising. All it is, is advertisements for the same product you already bought when you searched for it 2 weeks ago. Seriously, it's almost like recommendations on youtube. Youtube, I just watched 30 minutes of fail videos but I don't want to watch them again every day of my life, thanks.

Comment: The Wild West of the internet (Score 1) 39

by SmaryJerry (#49741777) Attached to: FBI: Social Media, Virtual Currency Fraud Becoming a Huge Problem
If you are on a website with a user name, I defend your right to act like an idiot. You act like an idiot and let the moderator of that specific website sort it out. But, if you are talking to people who actually exist, that you know, or even a celebrity and you make death threats or hateful comments, then I believe you should still be able to be prosecuted and fined at the least. The only problem is who is to say someone else wasn't using your user name, IP, or anything that could be hacked, spoofed, or simply left logged in on a library. I know we don't want to go South Korean and give everyone their own online identity cards, but there is a place for websites that require identities. Maybe they wouldn't be used or maybe a group of happy, polite people would emerge in those sites making them a new hub for kindness who knows.

Comment: Huawei as a Security Threat (Score 2) 163

As a former employee of a technology company that did business with Huawei I can tell you the U.S. government banned all purchases of Huawei hardware for a time and prevented Sprint from building a wireless network with their hardware. Also, all of the Huawei software had to be routed directly through a government agency with source code to check it for security holes. Now I wasn't privy to any of the results but I haven't read any news about the government changing their stance on them..

Comment: Re:Once more into the breech, dear friends. (Score 1) 100

by SmaryJerry (#49736657) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals
If you have even done any business at all in China, you know this story is 100% true and probably under-exaggerated if anything. China has a completely different cultural perception about copying/stealing ideas and general bribery and collusion of organizations. Try to do any business where you purchase something in China without being offered a bribe. Seriously try it. It's not racist, if anything it would be nationalist. Everyone is out to make an extra buck and has no problem doing so. Companies, government officials, banks, judges, no one in China is going by the books because they all play the bribe game. I can't tell you how many people have had their ideas stolen by building their products in China. You have to have extremely strict control of your organizations with constant monitoring to build protects in China. That is why typically only the cheapest things are made there and why Apple moved their production to Brazil. The problem with building there is you end up like Jamie Lanister and even though you pay someone a bunch of money to protect your secret they still go and try to sell it to make more.

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950

Not to sound like I'm negating your advice, but the shotgun approach is only one strategy and it has the most collateral damage. Woman hate to be asked over and over by random people and men hate to be rejected over and over. As you said practice is valuable but without a teacher it is damn near useless. Someone can learn 100 times faster with a mentor, don't quote me on that statistic, but it's true. Someones needs to guide them, which should have been their father or even mother, but preferably at least someone in their family that loves them unconditional. It may not be the right advice all the time, but that's where trial and error come in. Practice on top of good advice, now that is a winning combination.

Comment: Re:Speed should be 60FPS (Score 1) 174

by SmaryJerry (#49548871) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches
I'm talking about actually using the watch, not about the videos. The main menu screen is definitely getting a frame rate drop When using the watch it seems intuitive to pinch the watch screen and I was surprised when it didn't work. Pinch only obscures the screen while your pinching. I don't pinch and leave my fingers there on my phone either.

Comment: Re:Stolen valor, anyone? (Score 1) 256

by SmaryJerry (#49537977) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
Yep, it seems that every homeless person is now just out of bus money to get home, out of gas, or is a single parent with a kid under 10. The last one is a give away because no child can be homeless or without free healthcare unless there parent is stupid enough not to take them to a shelter.

Comment: Re:Seems to be OK all around then (Score 1) 616

by SmaryJerry (#49532287) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California
Your saying that some vaccines might kill? Maybe if someone is allergic to them. But these diseases ACTUALLY kill babies and old. These shots are proven to be completely harmless and have no long term effect whatsoever. I bet these are the same people who think cell phone towers cause cancer, which also had to have a federal law made stating no one can refuse to have a cell phone tower installed near them because they believe it harms health. Have you ever heard a single actual doctor of medicine, not a corny herb doctor, say these could be harmful? Sometimes laws are required to protect people from their own stupidity, in fact i'd say most laws are for this purpose.

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