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Comment 100 gbps isn't that fast (Score 1) 43

4G has offered these speeds for years between cell towers. For individual towers, it gets split among all users and phones, which also don't use enough power to upload at the same speed and range as the tower. But a THz transmitter sounds interesting. Anyone know if the propagation would be better/worse? I would imagine worse?

Comment Re:Chauvinism is alive and well in 2016 (Score 1) 786

What your saying is true, but it goes both ways so why point it out on only one side? Some men treat other men badly. Some women treat men badly and favor women for roles. It's nuts to think that life is very much harder for a women. I personally see a lot more men that favor women for roles than I see men favoring men.

Comment Have you met women online? (Score 1) 786

Every time I see a story about how women are treated badly online, I just imagine the millions of things I've been called as if being man or woman makes a difference. Plus women are just as brutal to everyone as men are. Anonymity makes everyone 10 times more douchey and woman are even bigger douchebags in real life especially to other women, because they are allowed to get away with it.

Comment Re:I thought this was obvious! (Score 1) 288

These theories are just speculation, not even speculative math, but the entire process/science/physics/reality it is trying to explain is speculation. It's saying, if it did exist, it could exists with this math behind it. So yea, there is a billion ideas explaining it and there will never, ever, be a forefront string theory that any scientist agrees is the closest one to the truth.

Comment I thought this was obvious! (Score 1) 288

String theory and multiverse theories are far from science. The comparison to religion is a good one. "You can't prove god doesn't exist." They are at best guesses of how multiple universes and dimensions could work, if they ever did exist. As far as I am concerned there is more concrete evidence of ghosts than string theory. Adding a little math into something made up doesn't make it real.

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