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Comment College is not a Gaurantee! (Score 1) 1032

From myself having attended a university and earned a degree less than 8 years ago, I would say about 2/30 people were serious about learning anything, or about 3-5 people per class. No one knew what they wanted to do and no one knew why they were at college. All they knew was the "pass to make my parents proud" mentality. Art, philosophy, etc, these are all the most fun classes and a lot of people tend to go that way because "art" is more and more defined as whatever monstrosity you can dream up, instead of how skilled you are at creating something. If anything is making colleges insanely expensive and at the same time useless, it is that teachers pass everyone, and when people fail, they start grading on a curve so they are guaranteed to only fail 2 or 3 people. As a student, I loved grading on a curve because it always meant my grade went up, except one or two teachers who would use an actual curve, meaning instead of saying, everyone gets 10 points more, they would try to make only 5 people get As which was pretty ridiculous. My point is colleges are now more just somewhere to get away from parental supervision and party and passing is more a formality than an accomplishment. Sure you CAN fail, but most teachers are trying to be the "cool teacher" who curves every test, gives extra credit when your behind, and ignores your absences from class.

Comment Re:"Evidence" universe is simulation (Score 1) 364

Of course string theory simulations are going to be correct because the theories were reversed engineered to fit the "solution," which is why there are so many string theories. It's like taking a clock you can't take apart and building a completely separate identical clock that matches the time. Sure you came up with a display that shows the same time as the first clock and can appear to be a duplicate of the clock, BUT the gears on the inside are actually engineered completely differently.

Comment Screwing people (Score 1) 229

This is my actual experience just switching apartments with Comcast "You have the new X1 box so you have to pay for someone to come out install it at your new location" Me: "That's ok I can just plug it in myself", Comcast: "No you have to have someone come out to install it with these boxes." I just plug it it and it works.. they come out anyways and charge me $70.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 321

I can't even remember the last time an advertisement online compelled me in favor of buying anything. Usually the only sponsored link I click is the one that is the number one search result in google anyways because I know what I need before I searched.

Comment Re:And most don't care (Score 1) 94

I think the quoted text doesn't disagree with anything you said, it's point is that the skin color itself and racism has nothing to do with blacks being poor. The skin color of a black man from Africa and a black man from America does not land them in jail more often, does not keep them poor, whatever racism may exist does not limit their ability to prosper. What does limit abilities to prosper is speaking a different language, not understanding the local laws, and not having any support around you, yet despite all that, an African is more likely than a black American to go to the middle class. Having known single moms with minimum wage jobs, these people claiming to be held down by the system can stick their excuses up their *ss. For one, all children get free insurance so health problems are immediately a non-issue. Secondly, low-income housing is everywhere, if you or I wanted the exact same apartment as someone making under 60% of the median wage, we have to pay approximately double for the rent. But you say , how can we go to college? Well scholorships and loans are available to everyone no matter what. You don't need good grades, you don't need to be good at sports, you just need to have the desire to go and even then if your income is low enough, you only have to pay back 50% of your loans (which also pay for housing, food, books and tuition) not the whole amount. When someone says the system is to blame, it is the most ludicrous statement. America has the best system in the world for the poor.

Comment Advertising based on browsing history (Score 1) 531

Advertising based on browsing history is the worst kind of advertising. All it is, is advertisements for the same product you already bought when you searched for it 2 weeks ago. Seriously, it's almost like recommendations on youtube. Youtube, I just watched 30 minutes of fail videos but I don't want to watch them again every day of my life, thanks.

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