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Comment: The locked door scenario (Score 1) 230

You suspect that a bank leaves the door to their building containing their customers money unlocked. Do you a) check to see if the door is open b) tell the bank it might be unlocked c) call the police? All of the above a) because the door doesn't say keep out anywhere b) because your money is in there c) because the banks negligence can and will cost you your money.

Comment: Does it even work for Google? (Score 1) 120

by SmaryJerry (#45653289) Attached to: Twitter Will Track Your Browsing To Sell Ads
Google does this to the worst extent. Even if i didn't search for a website, it still some how knows exactly what websites I've been visiting. Every time I buy something online, I start getting advertisements for that exact product, from the company I just bought it from, across Google search pages and on Googles ads on other webpages. How they think this "targeted advertising works" is beyond me. First of all, if I know I like something already I don't need an advertisement. Second of all, I just bought stuff from that site, you don't need to tell me to go back there if I liked it. Thirdly, the only good thing about ads is showing you something you haven't seen before, not telling me what I've already tried. Fourth, stop watching me bro.

Comment: Re:Mod parent up (Score 1) 206

by SmaryJerry (#45543663) Attached to: Xbox One Controller Cost Over $100 Million To Develop
It's nonsense that a millimeter anywhere on the controller will make a difference, it's just a small measurement that they used to give the illusion of precision. Unlike a T-shirt this is a one size fits all solution that is not flexible whatsoever. We're talking hard plastic. Comfort is important but when is the last time you pleased anyone with a non-adjustable one size fits all item that is used by both adults and children. It's ridiculous to assume their shape is the best, then again to assume you can manufacturer a millimeter precision that is "best on average."

Comment: Re:Mod parent up (Score 1) 206

by SmaryJerry (#45496769) Attached to: Xbox One Controller Cost Over $100 Million To Develop
I agree with taking chances but some people just have good ideas and some don't, and their project leader didn't. I don't agree that $100 million in research dollars would show the Xbox controller is as good as it gets. The points made about millimeters in the article come off as a waste of money since everyone has different hands. I'll even give them the next idea for a controller. Make it have moving/adjustable parts, if a millimeter of comfort is really going to be their focus..

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 4, Interesting) 206

by SmaryJerry (#45469085) Attached to: Xbox One Controller Cost Over $100 Million To Develop
Microsoft have teams that are way too large. Give a small motivated workforce of 5 people one month and they would probably come up with five better controllers. Microsoft loves to use big spend and big numbers as if that really means something. But at the end of the day it comes down the person leading the project and whether they can make right decisions or not. Clearly the leader of this project failed miserably if the best they could come up with with $100 million is just a remake of the previous controller.

Comment: Re:I do this (Score 1) 365

by SmaryJerry (#45418689) Attached to: Nearly 1 In 4 Adults Surf the Web While Driving
It's a big assumption that the person is stopped at a light is fiddling with their phone. They could be looking for something in their car, doing makeup, eating, or quieting a child. Texting is a symptom not the disease. Distracted driving is the disease and it can come from many sources. There is a measure of which is allowed such as people, babies and animals in the car, bluetooth headsets, music playing, drinking a soda, changing the radio, rolling down windows, using navigation. These can all take your eyes off of the road and distract you. The fact is there are people who need to pay attention and better education (brainwashing?) is needed to get them to learn how to focus on the most important task at hand. The task that is holding life in the line. Driving. Distracted driving is already illegal. Making something specific illegal like texting at a stop light or talking on the phone while driving is saying "I don't care how you drive, some people can't manage these so you can't either." I am against people getting pulled over and ticketed for having a phone to their ear. Are they swerving or stopped at a stoplight for 10 extra seconds? Then let an officer determine if they deserve a distracted driving ticket but don't make the tickets about an specific activity that is secondary to driving and does not necessarily indicate poor or distracted driving. If we continue down this road we may as well stop one-armed veterans from driving because they do not have both hands on the wheel and may be driving even hand-less when they need to change the radio. Disclosure: I have received a ticket for driving while on the phone.

Comment: Blizzard (Score 1) 219

by SmaryJerry (#44878063) Attached to: Auction Houses To Be Removed From <em>Diablo III</em>
I haven't really seen Blizzard make any good decisions regarding any of their games lately. They listen to their criticism but often it's the wrong criticism to be listening to. Feels like the wrong people are running the show right now or something. They need a serious mix-up or just to remove some of the "yes" men from their midst.

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