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Comment: Re:Speed should be 60FPS (Score 1) 145

by SmaryJerry (#49548871) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches
I'm talking about actually using the watch, not about the videos. The main menu screen is definitely getting a frame rate drop When using the watch it seems intuitive to pinch the watch screen and I was surprised when it didn't work. Pinch only obscures the screen while your pinching. I don't pinch and leave my fingers there on my phone either.

Comment: Re:Stolen valor, anyone? (Score 1) 252

by SmaryJerry (#49537977) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
Yep, it seems that every homeless person is now just out of bus money to get home, out of gas, or is a single parent with a kid under 10. The last one is a give away because no child can be homeless or without free healthcare unless there parent is stupid enough not to take them to a shelter.

Comment: Re:Seems to be OK all around then (Score 1) 603

by SmaryJerry (#49532287) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California
Your saying that some vaccines might kill? Maybe if someone is allergic to them. But these diseases ACTUALLY kill babies and old. These shots are proven to be completely harmless and have no long term effect whatsoever. I bet these are the same people who think cell phone towers cause cancer, which also had to have a federal law made stating no one can refuse to have a cell phone tower installed near them because they believe it harms health. Have you ever heard a single actual doctor of medicine, not a corny herb doctor, say these could be harmful? Sometimes laws are required to protect people from their own stupidity, in fact i'd say most laws are for this purpose.

Comment: The locked door scenario (Score 1) 230

You suspect that a bank leaves the door to their building containing their customers money unlocked. Do you a) check to see if the door is open b) tell the bank it might be unlocked c) call the police? All of the above a) because the door doesn't say keep out anywhere b) because your money is in there c) because the banks negligence can and will cost you your money.

Comment: Does it even work for Google? (Score 1) 120

by SmaryJerry (#45653289) Attached to: Twitter Will Track Your Browsing To Sell Ads
Google does this to the worst extent. Even if i didn't search for a website, it still some how knows exactly what websites I've been visiting. Every time I buy something online, I start getting advertisements for that exact product, from the company I just bought it from, across Google search pages and on Googles ads on other webpages. How they think this "targeted advertising works" is beyond me. First of all, if I know I like something already I don't need an advertisement. Second of all, I just bought stuff from that site, you don't need to tell me to go back there if I liked it. Thirdly, the only good thing about ads is showing you something you haven't seen before, not telling me what I've already tried. Fourth, stop watching me bro.

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