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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Alternate software for use on smartboards?

SmarterThanMe writes: Teacher here, you can call me Mr. SmarterThanMe. I have a fancy smartboard installed in my room. Smartboards allow me to show students a whole range of other stuff other than just whatever I'm writing. I can prepare instructions and activities before the lesson and just move through the boards. I can pull up some students' work and display it through the projector. I can bring up some stimulus for use in a writing task. So much better than blackboards.

Except the software that comes bundled with this particular brand of smartboard is ridiculously clunky. Without naming this particular piece of software, and highlighting it's shortfalls, has anyone got any suggestions on alternatives (open source or otherwise)?

The main features that I'd like are:
  • Handwriting recognition
  • The ability to make and use templates
  • Grids or guides or *something* to be able to teach measurement

I have gold star stickers for any good suggestions. Thanks in advance.


Submission + - Aussie kids no longer able to buy Adults Only games (

SmarterThanMe writes: The Won't-someone-please-think-of-the-children brigade suffered a major loss when the Australian Senate passed legislation allowing for the creation of an R18+ category for the classification of videogames. This should mean that, from 2013 onwards, (a) adults can buy adult games without any dumbing down; and (b) kids will no longer be able to buy games that are way too adult for them.

Submission + - Sending Juice to explore Jupiter and its Icy Moons ( 2

SmarterThanMe writes: Europe will spend €1 billion sending a spacecraft, named Juice, to explore Jupiter and its moons. The mission will have a particular focus on the "icy" moons, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa with the hope of developing our understanding of what similar planetoids around other stars could look like.

Submission + - Xbox modding might be "fair use"..? (

SmarterThanMe writes: Matthew Crippen, who allegedly played around with his Xbox in such a way that he would have been able to play pirated games or homebrew software (ie, circumvent the DMCA protections on the device), is preparing his defence on the basis that his modification was "fair use". His lawyers are referring to a similar case involving modding of iPhones where it was accepted as a "fair use" situation.

Submission + - Will Wright to do "SimTVShow" (

SmarterThanMe writes: Will Wright, creator of various famous computer games beginning with "Sim-", is involved in the production of a new TV show "Bar Karma". The possibly vaguely Sci-Fi show will involve viewers heavily in putting forward their own storyboards that the show will then play out. Viewers also vote on the storyboards that they most like for the next episode. In effect, the viewing public collaborates with each other to create the show!

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