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Submission + - W3C Fights Against 1 Apple Patent, 1 Application (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple's need for ammunition in its various patent lawsuits has provoked a frontal assault by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium): a public call for prior art to invalidate one Apple patent and prevent the granting of another, for which an application is currently pending at the USPTO. Apple declared that those patent claims are infringed by an upcoming W3C' specification named Widget Access Request Policy but refused to license them under the W3C's royalty-free terms, effectively blocking the standardization process. As a result, the W3C triggered an 'exception', though Apple is one of its largest — but not the most generous — members. Apple is also part of an industry coalition that supports the royalty-bearing AVC/H.264 codec, another conflict with the W3C's strict 'patent-free or royalty-free' policy.

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