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Comment: Re:If it's up to the U.S. and their allies, never. (Score 1) 292

I'm sure you're right that religion plays a role, just as it played a role in what Christians did to others some time ago. I think the main difference between Tibetans and Muslims is that there are fewer Tibetans, their target (China) is a totalitarian state with enormous security apparatus, and they have much, much less money since it's difficult to drill for oil in Tibet. Regarding the biographies of 9/11 hijackers, I've read somewhere that suicide bombers don't avenge the wrongs done to them but rather those done to their community. Really, it's a bit ironic (in a very sad way). Muslim emigrants from war-torn Middle East are rarely welcome in other, wealthy and peaceful muslim countries, so they are forced to come to Europe and USA. There they can live well enough to have the time to start thinking about how much their respective country/city/neighbourhood/family/any other community they identify with has been wronged by the greedy westerners. Some of them, with a bit of religious radicalization, will act on it - against the country which has given them shelter.

Comment: If it's up to the U.S. and their allies, never... (Score 0) 292

Enlightenment is very much dependent on the amount of wealth and education available to the population, and these are in rare supply in the Middle East nowadays as they're not much compatible with bombing of infrastructure and civilians and exploitation by foreign powers. Now, if enlightenment were related to suffering, death and general misery, they'd be far ahead of us already.On the other hand, fanaticism feeds on tragedy and despair so at least they have something to do in their spare time...

Comment: And then there are those 7 billion... (Score 1) 677

by SlovakWakko (#49539329) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden
...of non-Americans, of whom about 98% of those who know Snowden also like him. After all, he did help us a lot by showing us that the NSA most likely holds all our politicians by the... tapped cell phones ;) Suddenly many strange decisions made by our voted representatives in the last 15 years make much more sense.

Comment: Claiming to be a relative of Josef Goebbels? (Score 2) 300

And then asking for money for anything he ever did or said? That takes some arrogance. Anyway, I wouldn't fear to go to court over this. I can't see how a German court would rule in a way that would look like protecting the legacy of a big-time WW2 criminal. Ha, that would make for some interesting headlines in all major newspapers around the world :)

Comment: Amateurs (Score 1) 378

by SlovakWakko (#48931859) Attached to: Why ATM Bombs May Be Coming Soon To the United States
This is all too complicated. Here in Slovakia you just take a powerful enough car, a strong steel cable, and do this: (commentary is in Slovak, but the main thing: it was a Porsche Cayenne and the ATM held 130.000 EUR at the time). The same group did this several times, earning the nickname "the ATM mafia". Meanwhile, they have been caught, held for some months and then released because a judge "missed" a deadline for shuffling papers to a higher court (sitting in the same building).

Comment: Re:This really is a man's world... (Score 4, Funny) 377

by SlovakWakko (#48570687) Attached to: Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG
I know it's a good image for this purpose, it's just the origin that is really sexist. I don't mind, but I can understand how some of our female colleagues would find it inappropriate - ranging from immature to degrading, depending on where in their cycle they are right now...

Comment: Re:Nitpicking... (Score 1) 90

A correlational relationship is a specific one where correlation exists, but causality is missing/unproven. If there is both causality and correlation (and you're right about the former requiring the latter) then it's a causal relationship.
Of course then there are also casual relationships, which are much better than the previous two types... :)

Comment: You've got it wrong (Score 3) 171

It's "I for one welcome our commissioner-overlords and their total detachment from reality" :) I have lived in the pre-1989 Eastern Bloc and I can spot a centralistic, ineffectual project intended to just shuffle money from the taxpayers to the Brussels bureaucracy and its friends in the industry.

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