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Comment Water pipe sticking out of comet? (Score 1) 223

Anyone know what the deal is with the pipe or rod looking object in the lower right hand side of this picture />? It looks like it is embedded in the comet and is casting a shadow. I am suprised the tin hat people haven't taken off with this yet.

Comment Re:This is not a computer (Score 1) 89

A transistor is a computer. It just computes exactly one function on exactly one set of inputs. It's a simple finite state machine.

So transistor is a finite state machine is a computer. Well I've got a jar of pennies where each one is a finite state machine and therefore each one is a computer. Or else maybe they should start teaching more engineering and less computer science.

Submission Mexican Cartel Beheads Bloggers->

sanzibar writes: The Zeta's killed and beheaded an Internet blogger Wednesday in Nuevo Laredo, the fourth slaying in the city involving people associated with social media sites since early September.

"This happened to me for not understanding that I shouldn't report on the social networks," advised a note left before dawn with the man's body at a key intersection in the city's wealthier neighborhood.

The victim, identified on social networking sites only by his nickname — Rascatripas or Belly Scratcher — reportedly helped moderate a site called En Vivo that posted news of shootouts and other activities of the Zetas, the narcotics and extortion gang that all but controls the city....

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