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Comment Re:UPS (Score 1) 236

It's a 1500VA unit. Which I believe is something like 865W? Only cost me $150 on sale. Powers my i5 2500K rig with dual GTX780s in SLI plus many SSDs, harddrives, and whatnot. And the two monitors And cablemodem+router+VOIP box Plus Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra speakers. PowerChute indicates that the UPS is never above 50% load max.

Comment Re:UPS (Score 1) 236

I'm late to reply, but I know that on my APC 1500VA UPS that I have my PC and router/cable modem on, I also elected to install the PowerChute software on my computer. PowerChute will regularly test the UPS on it's own, and will test battery health and report that to me as well occasionally. I did have it finally just warn me once that the battery condition is getting low enough to replace the battery. I will be doing that soon.

Comment UPS (Score 4, Insightful) 236

If you don't have it plugged into a dedicated UPS, you REALLY should be going out to get one. No matter how "good" or "new" your wiring may be, there are still those instances when it can fail on you, and take out your expensive computer. Really, a $150 investment to protect your $500+ computer is more than worth it.

Comment Re:Moire expensive car, richer driver, that's FINE (Score 1) 261

Because people who aren't rich can't own a vehicle that used to be expensive? My car retailed around $70k new. I picked it up for $40k. Doesn't mean that I can pay for every ticket that I would get if I drove around with the hammer down all the time. Thankfully, I usually drive like a responsible adult, and don't attract more attention than the car does on it's own.

Comment Re:Update cycles (Score 1) 391

Agreed, I only replace what I deem necessary to replace when the time comes. Just recently I replaced my Core2 Quad Q9550, P45 board and memory for a Sandy Bridge based CPU (2500K) motherboard (Z68) and memory (recently being 2 years ago). Then I replaced my 2x GTX470s with a GTX780 around a year or so ago. It's ever evolving. I'll be putting a second GTX780 in there as soon as I can find a great deal on one. This doesn't include the countless SSDs I've installed as well.

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