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Comment: Alarmist nonsense might happen (Score 2) 121 121

Although it is prudent to be aware of possible modes of failure, and although it is prudent to examine cultural biases that may affect our safety, this particular article seems more like clickbait.

So-called "news" has recently become over-populated with "might happen" sorts of stories, when entire pages are given over to what would amount to a paragraph in a larger article surveying all of the possible scenarios along with a relative measure of their likelihood.

It might also happen (and might not) for several other rather unlikely reasons, none of which this article mentions.

Comment: Re:I have no problem with this (Score 1) 130 130

Where you use your credit card is already location tracked.
3 times in the last 10 years my card has been cloned.
The bank in question caught the problem as soon as the 1st bogus transaction was attempted because it did not fit my spending pattern

So why would I worry that about giving them the ability to protect me thus?

Comment: Never pay for music at all (Score 1) 260 260

Learn to sing, learn to play an instrument, join a choral group, join a band -- have fun!
Paying for the commercialized schlock the record companies are trying to shove down your throats is crazy!

If everyone stopped paying for it, it would go away, and maybe, just maybe something worth listening to might emerge.

But in truth, that ship sailed long, long ago.

Comment: Corporations never pay tax (Score 1) 342 342

They never have and they never will.
Corporations collect money from their customers, pay the necessary expenses and pass the residue on to their shareholders.

If the "residue" is not large enough to satisfy the shareholders, and expenses cannot be cut further, the prices go up.

Any attempt to tax a corporation results in increased costs to the consumer.

That is the way a consumer economy works.

This is why the so-called "Value Added Tax" actually ends up being more equitable. Money collected in a country stays in that country, and the corporation has no additional cost to pass on to the consumer, beyond that tax on the value they add.

Comment: Your usage categorizes you (Score 1) 667 667

As an earlier poster so ably illustrated, if you talk like a gangsta, you will be thought of as one.

Similarly, if you talk like an uneducated idiot, people will assume you are one.

While I quite agree that the English language is -- and should be -- a dynamic language that grows and develops, it has backwaters and dead ends.

Newspapers -- and I assume that this includes the Wall Street Journal -- have a style manual that *is* rigidly followed, so there is nothing inherently wrong with rules -- at the very least they provide consistency. By teaching the rules of grammar to schoolchildren, they will at least have a chance of sounding like they know what they are talking about.
Inasmuch as a person has a choice they will choose the language style of the group that they identify with, regardless of how stupid they sound to everyone not of that particular group.


Comment: Let's promote smoking (Score 1) 365 365

If smoking really does cause all that death, let's promote it.
It is a cheap eugenics program for starters.

Besides, if all those people die off early, we won't have to look after them when they're old.

But all that death-and-destruction scare mongering won't stop people from smoking. To get people to quit, just put hundreds of thousands of click-bait ads all over the intertubes that say, "1 quick trick to live longer, stay healthier and stay pretty longer".

Gotta run -- smoke break!

Comment: You cannot tax a corporation (Score 1) 602 602

It is not possible to tax a corporation.
Corporations exist to provide a return on shareholder investment.
Taxing a corporation requires that the money for the tax comes from the customers.
Thus all so-called corporate taxes are hidden taxes on the consumer of that corporations products and services.

Comment: Re:Oh good (Score 1) 907 907

If they employ these methods, their risk should reduce significantly, as well as repo costs, and therefore be reflected in nice big loan rate drops. OTOH, if it enables a person who otherwise would not qualify for a loan to get one, it could be argued as a 'good thing'. I personally shudder at this level of what feels invasive.

No, that is a 'very bad thing', since if a person does not qualify for a loan, they do not have the means to pay it back. Thus, the finance company gets what little money they had, plus the car.

This was one of the root causes of the US banking collapse of 2008 -- they permitted mortgage loans to those who could ill afford them, then bundled all that bad debt in with good debt and re-sold it as "asset backed commercial paper"
The NINJA loan, the Interest-only loan and a host of other vehicles were used to take the earnings and the savings (and ultimately, the houses) from people who should never ever have been given mortgages at that point in their lives.

Comment: Why not just use heroin? (Score 1) 1038 1038

Convict gets a rush of euphoria, and shuffles off the mortal coil.
Side benefit is that it stigmatizes heroin.

Another side benefit is that all of the judicial mistakes get at least one good rush before they are wrongfully executed.
Think it doesn't happen?
It must have happened at least once -- and that is too many.

Hold on to the root.