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Comment: Solar PV is grid sync'd... (Score 1) 735

by Sleuth (#42287043) Attached to: Solar Panels For Every Home?

I thought this was a really cool idea until I talked to someone locally why has a solar install on their house. They mentioned that most current installs use the local grid and syncronize the AC to it. If the local grid goes down, you are down as well. They don't have a battery bank either, rather rely on selling daytime power back to the power company, then doing the reverse at night, buying local power for the house. Unless you install a bunch of more expensive equipment, you are out of power when the local grid goes off as well.


Puzzle In xkcd Book Finally Cracked 90

Posted by kdawson
from the be-there-or-be-somewhere-else dept.
An anonymous reader writes "After a little over five months of pondering, xkcd fans have cracked a puzzle hidden inside Randall Munroe's recent book xkcd: volume 0. Here is the start of the thread on the xkcd forums; and here is the post revealing the final message (a latitude and longitude plus a date and time)."
Christmas Cheer

+ - Send a name to Mars for Christmas

Submitted by space_elf
space_elf (675645) writes "The Planetary Society has an interesting program just in time for Christmas, and just perfect for the persnickity someone in your life who seems to have everything. You can submit a name that will be written on a mini-disk and flown aboard the upcoming Phoenix mission to Mars. Included in the free (as in beer) service is a certificate to present to them as proof of their name going into space. Sorry folks, mothers-in-law are not allowed."

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