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Comment: Re:So we're not 2nd generation? (Score 1) 172 172

Well, minerals which are lighter than others are more likely to become part of continents and thus survive longer away from the mantle. Basalt on the ocean floor tends to only survive a couple of hundred million years.

Or is it that heavier minerals are more likely to soon rejoin the refreshing mantle? Is it good to be in the mantle or away from it?

Comment: Re:n/t (Score 1) 445 445

If the bag was pushed exactly toward or away from Earth, it would be back in one orbit. But it was pushed in a random direction. A sideways push makes it keep going away from the station; the orbits might later intersect after the bag's sideways travel takes it around the world. It would have to get a very strong horizontal push to go around the world in a short enough period for the astronauts to be willing to wait for it. And if the sideways push wasn't exactly horizontal, when the bag came back from the other side it might be too high or too low.

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