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Comment: What's wrong with iTunes Match? (Score 1) 118

by SleepyHappyDoc (#46253349) Attached to: Music Industry Is Keeping Streaming Services Unprofitable

I've been very happy with the service so far. I can access my music from a variety of devices, whenever I want, and I only pay a little more than $2 a month. I even had a hard drive failure last summer, and I was able to redownload every single track without any loss. Obviously, the service will never be any good to people who hate Apple, but for non-fanboys who like the right tool for the job, it's fine. If this is the model the industry is moving towards, is that so bad?

Comment: Cartels (Score 1) 83

by SleepyHappyDoc (#46235499) Attached to: Utopia, Silk Road's Latest Replacement, Only Lasted Nine Days

I don't understand why the big cartels aren't in on this. Direct sales via post would solve a lot of their problems...seizures probably wouldn't be more than they have now (with mules smuggling condoms of drugs in their guts and such), some middle men would be eliminated (increasing their share of the street value), and they could make an App Store-style cut off of the sales they aren't doing directly. They could even host it in some country they have control of, like Colombia or Mexico, reducing the chance of it all being interrupted or seized. They should be all over this.

Comment: Re:I'm waiting for $199 (Score 1) 186

by SleepyHappyDoc (#44619951) Attached to: Dell Dumps Keyboardless Windows RT Tablets

I'm more familiar with Windows as an environment...having similar Windows underpinnings, but with standard free software tools, would be easier for me to maintain and keep running. Besides, pure Linux tablets are expensive niche much was that tablet with KDE Plasma Active (the one with last years hardware specs), like $500?

Comment: Any relation to Seeder (Score 1) 183

by SleepyHappyDoc (#44575817) Attached to: Google Admits Bitcoin Thieves Exploited Android Crypto PRNG Flaw

Someone released an app on XDA, called Seeder, that purports to create entropy to seed the random number generator. Does this have anything to do with that app, or the bug that prompted the developer to write it? I remember when people were discussing the original app (which some people say only has a placebo effect), and they were saying it had security implications...does it make this problem worse or better?

Comment: Not limited to the transgendered (Score 1) 814

I had my bank account disabled once. When I called up the bank to find out why my card didn't work, they told me that an unknown woman had called and attempted to access my account. I'm a male, so that action caused them to red-flag my account and disable it until they could determine what was going on. I was understandably concerned, and asked them for more information. Turns out, the "woman" who accessed my account was me, and the underpaid foreign telephone agent had misidentified me as female. Now, I am in no way female (the neckbeard is a dead giveaway), so having my account disabled simply because some idiot thought I sounded like a girl was pretty bad.

Comment: I think there is a point here (Score 1) 101

The pharmaceutical industries have a lot of rules and procedures that need to be followed, to minimize risk to patients, and these rules are largely effective (sure, not completely, but killer drugs are pretty rare). The idea of 'release it now and fix it later' would never be tolerated in the pharmaceutical industry. Why can't the software industry aspire to similar safety standards? The idea that it is impossible to write perfectly secure code, where does that come from? Is that really true?

Comment: Re:It's still smart to look clean... (Score 1) 194

That's actually not a bad idea. Two SD cards in get better performance, and they're basically useless unless they're together, so you can ship them separately for the extra layer of security. Of course, you'd still want your data encrypted, but it wouldn't hurt.

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