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Comment: Re:WebOS (Score 1) 178

by SleepyHappyDoc (#48380219) Attached to: Android 5.0 'Lollipop' vs. iOS 8: More Similar Than Ever

Well, first of all, I have to say that I haven't actually used Lollipop yet (Moto X 2013, so it shouldn't be too long a wait), and I am going off of reviews I have read. There are elements of the new Material Design that remind me a lot of WebOS. The biggest thing is the touch ripple, something I have never seen other than on my old WebOS HP Touchpad. The Lollipop lock screen notifications also look very familiar, and the new Overview function, with it's stack of cards, is practically ripped out of WebOS. Check out the screenshots in Ars Technica's Lollipop review, and I think you'll see what I mean.

Comment: Re:Usability is THE killer feature that Linux need (Score 1) 209

by SleepyHappyDoc (#47649291) Attached to: Elementary OS "Freya" Beta Released

Why on earth would Linux do any of these things? If you want an OS that looks and works like Windows, USE WINDOWS! If you don't like using the terminal, USE WINDOWS (the fact that Windows treats the command line as a red-headed stepchild is not nearly a good enough reason for Linux to stop using such a powerful interface)! Linux does it's own thing, in it's own way, and it has absolutely no need to become more like Windows in order to be useful.

Comment: Re:This is just a repeat (Score 1) 282

Ah, but there is the devious beauty of it. We are incapable of understanding these new interfaces because we aren't super-powerful AI, thus we perceive them as a trainwreck. But tape two Surface RT's together, screen to screen, and see what kind of awesomeness they do...oh, wait, you can't see anything when they're taped that way.

Comment: Signal (Score 5, Interesting) 251

I seem to remember an old jailbreak app for iPhones, called Signal I think, that triangulated positions of the cell towers you were connected to and plotted them on a map. I wonder if something like this could be used in an app, to warn people when a stingray was capturing their signal. If your app "remembers" the positions of towers, and it suddenly sees a new one, or it sees one that is not stationary, seems to me that'd be a good sign that something wasn't right. Is this possible, or am I misremembering?

Even better would be if the app connected with others to create a crowd-sourced database of where and when they are used.


Expedia To Accept Bitcoin 87

Posted by timothy
from the only-stability-is-volatility dept.
An anonymous reader writes With the debacle of Mt. GoX, Bitcoin's future was looking a little murky. But in a significant mainline acceptance, Expedia has said they will begin accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. At first, they will accept it for hotel bookings only, will accept it only in USA, and also will not be holding Bitcoins for any length of time — converting it to dollars as soon as they can. But, quoting Emily Spaven, managing editor of Bitcoin news site CoinDesk, as told to the BBC, the move was "brilliant news" and it "brings digital currency further into the consciousness of the mainstream." So you can't quite fly to Galt's Gulch to your newly Bitcoiin-purchased real estate without switching currencies.

Comment: I don't understand (Score 1) 227

This whole thing doesn't make sense to me. If Comcast is intentionally degrading (or failing to upgrade, causing degradation) NetFlix stream, why doesn't NetFlix just let them? Put a message over the buffering stating that the buffering is caused by Comcast and asking the customer to contact them in order to fix it. Maybe put a short pre-roll PSA video, explaining the situation to all Comcast NetFlix users. I'm (luckily) not a Comcast subscriber, but if I was, and I couldn't do whatever I wanted with the net connection I bought from them, I'd be screaming bloody murder, and I'd sure want to know who was to blame.

Comment: What's wrong with iTunes Match? (Score 1) 118

by SleepyHappyDoc (#46253349) Attached to: Music Industry Is Keeping Streaming Services Unprofitable

I've been very happy with the service so far. I can access my music from a variety of devices, whenever I want, and I only pay a little more than $2 a month. I even had a hard drive failure last summer, and I was able to redownload every single track without any loss. Obviously, the service will never be any good to people who hate Apple, but for non-fanboys who like the right tool for the job, it's fine. If this is the model the industry is moving towards, is that so bad?

Comment: Cartels (Score 1) 83

by SleepyHappyDoc (#46235499) Attached to: Utopia, Silk Road's Latest Replacement, Only Lasted Nine Days

I don't understand why the big cartels aren't in on this. Direct sales via post would solve a lot of their problems...seizures probably wouldn't be more than they have now (with mules smuggling condoms of drugs in their guts and such), some middle men would be eliminated (increasing their share of the street value), and they could make an App Store-style cut off of the sales they aren't doing directly. They could even host it in some country they have control of, like Colombia or Mexico, reducing the chance of it all being interrupted or seized. They should be all over this.

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