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Comment Good! (Score 1) 261

Frankly, we shouldn't be blowing money on trips to the moon, Mars, or anywhere else not within Ionosphere. All that funding should be directed to more earthly endeavors. The exception is the research that leads technology and understanding that allows to put satellites up there. NASA's funding would be better spent on advancing green-themed initiatives so that we can maybe remain on this planet longer.

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Comment The CD is not a broken method of distribution (Score 1) 368

Dear music industry and companies trying to fix something that's not in need,

The CD is NOT a broken method of distribution. While physical distribution has had and will continue having to give way to online sales through services such as iTunes, replacing CDs with something that still requires a person to get off their ass and venture in to the brick-n-mortor world isn't going to increase sales in this space.

I only buy CDs and then immediately rip them to MP3s for listening at home and via my iPod. I buy CDs for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I always have it in the closet for ripping again in the format of my choice in the event I need to do so. I also like getting something I can touch when I fork money over for something that's not purely a service.

Distributing anything on flash memory in place of much cheaper and environmentally friendly optical discs is irresponsible. Plus, it makes no sense financially in my mind for a company to elect the particular method covered by this article.

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