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by Sla$hPot (#47508749) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More
I agree that classic capitalism seems outdated. And i don't see a big difference between a moderate capitalist and a moderate social democrat today anyways.
Pragmatic thinking doesn't really have any political resting place, but often leads to extreme cynicism when weighing own beliefs/needs against others. So that's out, if you ask me.
Liberalism seems like the most sustainable system and reasonable starting point, without inflicting more system/damage than necessary.
There will always be government spending including as much internal abuse as possible.
One of the factors that should have driven government spending down significantly, is automated processes via. IT (old subject)
But as long as the IT governance and implementation management is handled by government officials, one only can be sure that IT spending will surpass JSF, maned mission(s) to Mars and beyond and what else you can think of. Throw in the LHC too.
Maybe the politicians are stupid, maybe corrupt or just numb or too occupied with throwing crap at each other
One thing is for sure, government spending is always running amok, same issues, same excuses
Perhaps we could lower government wages enough to make it profitable taking a job in the private sector, where people actually make money?

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(Score:5, Insightful) Oh yeah...Duh!

socialism is found in scandinavia, belgium, netherlands, france, and the former western-germany

Thats quite a postulate i would say.
Uhm.. and you forgot to mention England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece and the remaining shitload of countries united by EU.
Given the high degree of nepotism ( corruption ) found in those countries, that you mentioned, i would question what you call socialism, as i would question, the
meaning of communism found in Korea.
Perhaps you (as a non AC) could tell when communism actually worked ( for the people )?
And what the actual difference between socialism and communism, except from the level of sophistication, really is?

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by Sla$hPot (#47422953) Attached to: Cosmic Mystery Solved By Super-sized Supernova Dust
There is so many things happening in front of our noses when looking into the sky. But we just don't see it.
Sub atomic particles are orders of magnitude more energetic, than what we can achieve here on earth.
Star births, supernovas and gamma ray bursts happen regularly, just waiting to be detected, recorded and analyzed.
More and more detailed data on extrasolar planets are gathered every day.
More telescopes please!

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If node.js doesn't fit your production needs don't use it ( if you can't figure out how to harness a nonblocking architecture that is ). However there is a reason why node.js is gaining popularity everyday. If you want a solid scalable frontend development platform use node.js. FFS use node.js everyday!

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by Sla$hPot (#47148163) Attached to: A Measure of Your Team's Health: How You Treat Your "Idiot"
The postulate "Every team has someone who at the bottom of its bell curve: an individual who has a hard time keeping up with other team members." is a misconception.
Knowing less or having less experience does not tell anything about intelligence or level of idiocy.
Handling newbies, noobs or laggards is an other matter though.
But be careful and contain your own arrogance or ignorance before judging someone else for being stupid.
The project, team or management is more likely to be the actual problem.
Is the documentation ok, is there any at all?
Do you have a program for enrolling new team members or do you just let everybody in?

Remember the golden rule.
When you point at someone, three fingers are ( usually ) pointing back at yourself.

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by Sla$hPot (#47065741) Attached to: U.S. Drone Attack Strategy Against Al-Qaeda May Be Wrong
No... Bribe not give.
I know the idea sounds imorral atleast.
But lets be realistic, corruption seems like an acceptable way to go about things now a days.

To get rid of Al-Queda. Bribe number two or three from the top. Not the leader of cause.
Let the scorned "middle mangers" sell out the organization.

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by Sla$hPot (#46735629) Attached to: Can Web-Based Protests Be a Force for Change?
A couple of years ago Facebook protests used to raise alarms in the political spheres.
Politicians now know that they won't make any difference. The masses are drowned by media.
Once in a while an unknown outsider tweet into parliament. But without political friends/comrades (ew!) it's often for a short visit.
Todays journalism is about how many articles you can copy paste in a day.
Pass along nothing to see here

"Just think of a computer as hardware you can program." -- Nigel de la Tierre