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Submission + - Apple under attack by Matthew Bryant. ( Security "expert" ) (

Sla$hPot writes: Apple users might have noticed problems with their phones or Mac's the last couple of days.
The prankster ( was expert ) Matthew Bryant thought it would be a good idea to share a post describing how to bring down basically all Apple devices connected to the internet.
Currently the crack, a link containing a sequence of bytes that will hang the system in seconds is now spreading via. web ads, like the ones on Slashdot.

Despite Apples claims that they have a fix for the problem, it seems like it is running completely amok.

Submission + - Speech Recognition in the Browser (

Sla$hPot writes: I received an interesting article from Devzone ( Jakub Jedryszek) about Speech Recognition in the Browser.
I was surprised how easy it was to speech enable browser navigation in an existing app, using only a few lines of code in about an hour.
The quality of webkitSpeechRecognition is not there yet, but it does show of its potential.
This will surely make WCAG easier to reach out and help a lot of disabled people.
But i can't help thinking about how this technology will also be abused for eavesdropping, for all thinkable purposes, primarily adware.
Is this going to be a problem? Hmm. Of course it is!
Combined with AI and abundant browser access I'm thinking, robot snitch coming to your browser this summer.
Anything to worry about or should i just put my tinfoil hat back on and rest easy?

Comment Hypergravity effects on rats (Score 0) 134

One should think that hyper gravity would lead to tissue damage or organ failure, but it seems like rats take it pretty well under +3 g.
Over a number of generations most living organisms would probably adjust to 2-3 g.
So life could possibly thrive on Keplar 452B.
If not in an advanced form then as bacteria.
According to below wikipedia article bacteria can tolerate insane levels of gravity.

Question is. Could we pick up distant alien signals as far away as Keplar 452B?

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