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+ - Advice Wanted: Celebrity Stepping on the Little Guy 6

Submitted by
SkydiverFL writes "The attorney of a well known celebrity just called and threatened me. Years ago I registered a domain with the celebrity's name for a fan page (basically Although the fan page pays homage to this celebrity, does not sell anything, does not profit, and has no commercial ties to anything (no links to any other sites at the moment), he wants to rip the domain from my hands if I do not surrender it. His client wants to profit from the domain and it appears that I just simply do not matter. Now, because I genuinely do like the celebrity I agreed to entertain an offer from him, but that just lead to ICANN threats. This just sickens me! Because he has money I don't matter. What would you do?"

Comment: RIM Ignored the World (Score 4, Insightful) 299

by SkydiverFL (#40613561) Attached to: RIM CEO On What Went Wrong

The company was over confident, overly comfortable in the business space, and simply ignored the customer base... both current and potential. While touch screens were popping up all over the place they were still pushing their tiny physical keyboard. While the competition was bumping up processor speeds to up performance RIM simply slapped on a crude semi-touchscreen which was too big and cumbersome for the core of the device. And, they offered virtually NOTHING to the developer market to foster application creation or distribution. And, finally, they simply ignored their own infrastructure multiple times. In short, they were so confident that their position in the business space was so guaranteed that they turned a blind to everything important.

Comment: The Solution: U Haul (Score 1) 592

by SkydiverFL (#39506533) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Feed Africa?

Years ago I rented a property and the well dried up. Rather than reach out to the government for assistance, we did something amazing: WE MOVED!

Rather than continuing to throw more good money in after bad, spend the money on a few U Haul trucks. Since we're already shoving our beliefs down their throats, scoop these people up and transplant them somewhere where the land CAN thrive. Anyone who refuses to move as sealed their fate.

Comment: Chasing Paychecks (Score 5, Insightful) 276

After 30 years of professional development, I feel that many developers SUCK! They wear some "architect" or "senior developer" badge but struggle through the most basic concepts. I believe the reason is that MANY coders are simply chasing paychecks or have been pushed into the field. They lack the PASSION that I remember when I first got into it. Everyone was learning to program because they loved these cook PC things and WANTED to do something with them AFTER they soldered everything together. Most "geeks" share that same type of passion. They gravitate to the next cool innovation and, in the process, become great at what they love. However, today, the industry is flooded with bodies that are simply working the cliche' 9-5 and drooling over a six-figure paycheck.

Comment: You're Only as Valuable ... (Score 1) 3

by SkydiverFL (#36956566) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Working from home?

... as you claim you are. Never work for free unless you are somehow benefitting from it; either financially, from a unique experience, or to take part in something you believe in (charity work, an open source project, etc.). It is a known fact that people associate your quality and value with the rate you demand. Granted, some people are simply delusional with the thought that they are better than what they are. However, in the end, if you work for free then that must be what you're worth.

If your work product is good enough that your boss wants you on it, then he should be willing to pay for it. I would simply send him a polite email explaining your change of heart with the reasons behind it. As long as you are willing to stay onboard, offer to continue for your normal rate... or even a slightly higher rate if you are working without benefits or a guarantee that it will last. Make sure to copy your personal email account so that you have some type of documentation showing that you didn't simply leave him high and dry.

Comment: His Job Hunt (Score 1) 275

by SkydiverFL (#35372380) Attached to: 'Spam King' Released From Prison, Now Lives In Seattle

I can see it now...

New message from "Robert Soloway" ... subject "Resume.doc"
New message from "Robert Soloway" ... subject "Resume.doc"
New message from "Robert Soloway" ... subject "Resume.doc"
[snip x 1,000]
New message from "Robert Soloway" ... subject "Resume.doc"

I wonder if he DOES apply for a job, if he'll even THINK of using an automated resume distribution system. Hell, I wouldn't even click the "send" button if I were him.

Comment: Denormalize Work Around (Score 2, Funny) 510

by SkydiverFL (#31982186) Attached to: Mass. Data Security Law Says "Thou Shalt Encrypt"

Hmmm... just a thought... NOT a recommendation...

Since "personal information" is the "first name and last name" IN COMBINATION WITH any of the other items, could you just denormalize the tables to get around this? Stick the SSN or CC info in a second or third table. Since that data is not stored WITH (same table) the name of the card holder or account owner, then... well... you see where this is going.

I guess it call comes down to what the meaning of "is" is. ;-)

Comment: Nobody Ever Claimed Cross-Platform (Score 1) 307

by SkydiverFL (#31894188) Attached to: Cross With the Platform

I suggest that you watch the very first dev video on beginning development for iPhone and Mac OS X and continue on from there. At no point does ANY of Apple's materials ever mention that you can write once and compile for both platforms. All they claim is that the tools and syntax and the same (XCode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, etc.). I've been programming for a few decades now and specialize in .NET. And, although I hated the experience of going from comfy C# to Objective-C, that's really the only pain. If you really look at how UIKit differs from AppKit, you may actually realize that it's the right tool for the job. Although Microsoft has paid the bills for quite some time now, I can honestly say that writing for Windows Mobile SUCKS... not because of syntax or compatibility issues, but because of the bloat and limitations of the mobile environment (Compact Framework on Windows Mobile). At least Apple got it right by accepting that the iPhone platform really IS a different animal, compared to a MacBook or Mac Pro, and built a more appropriate framework.

Comment: Comfort (Score 1) 511

by SkydiverFL (#31559306) Attached to: What Is Holding Back the Paperless Office?

It's kinda like wiping or eating with your other hand. For our office, it boils down to comfort. We spend our entire lives reading books, flipping through newspapers, preparing reports and homework, signing contracts, etc., etc., etc. We are conditioned to have something tangible in our hands. So, when it comes to reading a 50-page document on an LCD screen, it feels unnatural. We can do it if we had to, but our brain simply feels awkward accepting it.

Comment: Ain't Gonna Happen (Score 3, Interesting) 325

by SkydiverFL (#30799606) Attached to: Google Phone Could Drive Apple Into Allegiance With Microsoft

Apple has shown a clear desire to not remain glued to Microsoft. This is evident with the release of iWork and the dead-end path of the Office products on the Apple platform.

Because of my position, I have almost every handheld and PDA device that hits the market. As a seasoned .NET developer, I am biased towards Microsoft. However, that being said, the Windows Mobile platform is horrible. Even on devices like Samsung's Omnia, it is sluggish and cumbersome at best. Memory management is a nightmare.

The only realistic path is for the Windows Mobile platform to die off or be revamped from scratch. At most they may build a mobile version of Office for iPhone and Android but even that is a stretch.

Comment: Uuuh... WTF!?!?! (Score 0, Offtopic) 450

by SkydiverFL (#30648350) Attached to: INTERPOL Granted Diplomatic Immunity In the US

So, basically, we trust foreign agents more than our own? HOLY CRAP! Exit stage left, already!

As for foreign officials having similar rights, that's more for political courtesy and to keep the whole cultural difference thing out of our courts. That's somewhat understood. However, there is a CLEAR difference from some over-the-hill politician getting pulled over for speeding compared to an amped-up INTERPOL cop on the verge of a conviction. The mindset, purpose, emotions... hell, the whole scenario... is completely different.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982