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Comment: Re: Laugh all the way to the bank (Score 1) 83

But the reason that say android is successful is probably not because of any specific patented technology it uses, rather it has a good enough user interface and google made it freely available for a while. The specific innovation behind android that led to its success is its open nature. None of microsoft's patents contribute to this.

Comment: Good Riddance (Score 1) 502

SB16 was great but in the end, Creative exaggerated the benefits of their cards - to the extent of deception sometimes. And the drivers for some of the later models were somewhat dodgy so in the end its better that they're irrelevant now - they drove themselves into the ground.

Comment: They can probably afford the fine. (Score 1) 190

by SkunkPussy (#47348887) Attached to: Eric Schmidt and Entourage Pay a Call On Cuba

That's very interesting that they visited Cuba because the penalty for a US citizen travelling to Cuba is an administrative penalty of $50,000 with no judicial oversight. That means you get fined and there is no possibility of appeal. Internet access costs about £5 / hour in Cuba and something about £50-70 / month so its only really available in internet cafes.

Comment: health advice is 30-60 mins exercise per day (Score 2) 329

by SkunkPussy (#46965731) Attached to: Gaining On the US: Most Europeans To Be Overweight By 2030

I have lost 2 stone / 28 lb / 13kgs over the last 18 months after I scrapped my car and started cycling to work (7 miles each way). I have no interest in going to the gym - no time for that - and I'm not particularly bothered about sport. If I had kept my car I would inevitably drive whenever I was going to be late for work, which would be all the time. So what worked for me was to leave myself no option other than to do exercise every day.

Comment: implications for computability (Score 1) 426

If consciousness is uncomputable, yet we quite clearly could generate consciousness if we were able to create/duplicate a brain, does this imply then that the brain is doing a higher level of computation? Perhaps the difference between polynomial and exponential, or perhaps something new entirely. If the brain is uncomputable then does this imply that P = NP using an appropriate computer (brain)?

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by SkunkPussy (#46481381) Attached to: Ubuntu's Mir Gets Delayed Again

> People moved in hordes to RDP as a protocol because X sucks so bad on a LAN

That doesn't add up - VNC has been around since forever so people would have moved to that for the same reasons that they might move to RDP. (RDP is a bit better than VNC but that's not really relevant).

My experience of X on a lan is quite good - I use remote gvim all the time. X over the internet isn't so good. I have occasionally ran remote gvim sessions over the internet in the past but forgoing a GUI and running vim over SSH is preferable in that case.

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