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Comment: Its not illegal but... (Score 1) 200

by Skuld-Chan (#47395131) Attached to: The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

Lately the media have latched onto anything drone related and put it in a bad light - and while I think the video is awesome (I'd love to do one myself!) - the media is yet again putting this in a bad light - driving the FAA further to action. I suspect too that if the pyro-technicians/firefighters below knew he was up there they would have stopped the show.

And when these "media controversies" come out its its always the DJI Phantom. When I first got into making model aircraft - the DJI kits were top notch - they didn't make pre-made aircraft like they do now. I think the process of building them from scratch, and working with the local model aircraft club taught you a certain amount of respect and safety for the devices themselves. Right now I can go down to a hobby shop - plunk down $1200 dollars and be flying within 30 minutes or less without any prior experience flying a model aircraft - quadcopters are deceptively simple to fly and lead inexperienced pilots to take risks others might not.

Lets face it though - the amount of views he's received has paid for this phantom setup - so the only risk was getting the video back off the gopro device.

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by Skuld-Chan (#47291465) Attached to: Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

I can confirm this - I work at a university. The executive management there is decrying a 6-7 million dollar shortfall, but the employee to management ratio is 2:1 (2 employees per manager) at a school with 30-35k students and about 800 full time employees - and apparently 400 managers.

The shortfall just happens to equal the amount of money paid to the "executive" staff - including 180k a year for their "chief of diversity" - a woman who was a humanities major.

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I know a SCCM Microsoft PFE who has told me horror stories about customers doing this and paving their exchange server with Windows 7. I think it happens, but you don't read about it on a publicly readable website.

Its happen in my IT shop - although not nearly as bad as this story implies.

In our current CM 2012 environment we split Servers and Desktops and limited by security scope who can run queries and add servers to collections.

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We had a similar incident at the place I work - the tech did a select * from r_system on a live required deployment - they shut off the DP (distribution point) after about 450 machines got imaged. I was actually impressed how efficient it was :).

For those who don't know - that query basically tells the site server to build a collection of every computer (including servers) with a forced deployment of a new OS. CM 2012 will actually warn you if you type that kind of query in - so you'd have to click through that warning and keep going.

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