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Comment Re:HR departments (Score 1) 306 306

Thats the way Adobe thought :) - I had a manager who was enthusiastically telling me how the 15 people they were hiring in Noida were going to be so much more cost effective (15 people - to replace me).

I got laid off, and they managed to lose every account I had - I still don't see the cost savings and that C level director still works there and last I heard everyone really loves him.

Comment Re:...or a publicity stunt (Score 2) 143 143

I have a friend who is a repo man - and the tracking devices he drops onto cars (like if he doesn't know where the person lives - he'll attach one of these and track it to his/her work and/or living address) are 100 times better packaged and more discrete than this. Properly installed you'd likely have a hard time finding it.

Hence why I thought it was a prank - no way a government agency would be this sloppy and allow it to be found so easily. Who knows though.

Comment Re:Okay, so... (Score 1) 378 378

The one obese person I work with (also a programmer) - I always see him eating terribly (candy, sugary drinks, chips etc) - the only exercise he gets is walking from his door to his car and from his car to his desk, and he's gaining weight like crazy - easily another hundred pounds since I first met him. He's big enough that when the company sent him to a convention they had to buy two plane tickets for his two seats. At lunch without fail he always picks the worse thing you could get from the various cafe's near by (like if there was a 500 calorie meal and a 1000 calorie meal - he'll always go for the 1000 calories).

I know when I was 20-30 I could eat whatever I liked and I was a skinny beanpole. After 30 though I really do have to watch what I eat - I'm guessing my metabolism slowed down. I do walk or ride my bike to work, and I used to go to the gym for about 2 hours a week (really messed up my shoulder in a bicycling accident...) - but yeah I can't sit there and snack all day without gaining serious weight anymore.

The younger guys who come to work for us - some of them eat like that and over time I've notice them get rounder and rounder as they get older :(.

Comment Really? A Paper for this? Saw it in 2000 (Score 1) 258 258

Some company was doing this in the Bay area in 2000.
Hotplug is expensive. Cases are expensive. Making room for human access is expensive.
Design for nothing but airflow and drive density, keeping pieces as absolutely cheap as possible. Gigabit instead of 10G.
At exabyte scale, why do you care about the loss of 4TB? Using Super Micro boxes w/4TB Drives, you can have over 6 petabytes of raw storage in a 72u rack / cabinet

Metadata servers keep track of where the copies of blocks are.
Put copies of the blocks on completely disparate systems. If there is heavy read usage of a block, make more copies.
Head servers scale and have some beef to them. They are all about getting info from the commodity stuff and packaging it for (subscribers, clients, whatever).

If a drive dies or has issues - mark it bad and leave it at that. Ignore it.
If a server dies, mark it as bad. Leave it.
In 4 years you are forklifting the equipment and replacing it with new storage.

There is no "RAID", other than there are multiple copies of blocks throughout the system.

I met with a company in the bay area doing this in 2000 (I don't remember which one). It was dealing with Filesystems and not block, but with NFS, VMDKs, VHD, etc, who cares. I don't see anything new here at all.

Comment If only there was a way for Slashdot editors (Score 3, Insightful) 121 121

To coordinate and block duplicate stories.

Its like they don't even talk to each other.

"Hey do you think this is a good idea for the front page?"... "Nah it was submitted yesterday..."

And in fact it was submitted to /r/technology on reddit like a week ago... Slashdot has become the last piece in the chain for news - which is sad because it puts it below Facebook.

Comment Where is the "Apple iPhone sized"? (Score 5, Funny) 258 258

I mean, isn't that the gold standard to indicate the best phone size?

Until the iPhone 5 came out, under 4 inches was the most that was comfortable to operate one handed
After the 5 came out, 4 was OK, but anything bigger than that was a phablet.

Now, of course, 4.7 inches is just right, but if you want a REALLY HUGE phone, then try out 5.5 inches.

Full disclaimer : I use an iPhone 6+

Comment This has been happening for a very long time... (Score 1) 239 239

I have a friend who is a private eye who has a bunch of fake profiles and uses them to find the locations of people who are running out on their bills. If he's looking for the whereabouts of an older guy for example, he has a profile that is a 21 year old college girl - and he just friends whoever he's looking for and they usually almost always accept. Then these people tell their friends where they are going, private eye drops a gps tracking device on their car and "follows them home".

Rule 1 - if you are running from someone be weary of whoever just comes along and wants to be your friend.

The DEA's problem is they are using much more complex methods of getting people to friend them - they need to realize people are idiots and will friend whoever friends them.

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