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Comment: Re:The one they always overlook (Score 1) 454

by Skrynkelberg (#34011540) Attached to: The Time Travel Paradoxes of Back To the Future
Movement and position is always relative to something else. You cannot say that the time machine should "stand still" when traveling in time, because nothing in the universe "stands still", ever. So the machine must have some point of reference, and the simplest reference is simply the ground it is standing on.

Comment: Re:Reversing the polarity of the electron discharg (Score 1) 169

by Skrynkelberg (#30020242) Attached to: Antimatter In Lightning

The Illuminati are likely funding this through their fronts. They likely want to attain knowledge or power that will be used to tighten their control over the masses,so they can reinforce their belief they are God like. And if it fails, they don't care if they destroy the world in the attempt.

To the defense of, they never claim that the answers found on their site are correct.

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