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Comment: Re:Right (Score 1) 83

by Skiron (#49313143) Attached to: LightEater Malware Attack Places Millions of Unpatched BIOSes At Risk
Well first you need to compromise a machine. Game over there and then, let alone starting to re-flash BOIS or whatever - this is just another *thing* that can be changed once you own the machine. No big surprise there.

Of course, as to your question - if you have physical access (and a black hat), then game over anyway.

Comment: The problem (Score 1) 194

by Skiron (#49106913) Attached to: The Imitation Game Fails Test of Inspiring the Next Turings
The problem with people like Turing, Einstein etc. is that nobody understands them nor the way they think (or thought). Trying to do films about them is guessing. In general, films about people this clever are crap because nobody knows what they really are.

As an aside - one thing I never read about is that not only did Turning have to crack the code, but it was all in German (and he is English) - that seems to be not recorded anywhere. So he was a not a genius, but a brilliant genius.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan