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Comment: Re:There is supposed to be a penalty. (Score 1) 157

Maybe a little bit more realistic: prevent they can do any other DMCA requests? That would certainly have some great effect on companies that are "just following orders". Another good option would be the support from a safe heaven user like Google to comply with the claim, but directly initiate a counter suit for lost revenue.

Comment: Surveillance states exists as part of the problem (Score 0) 267

by Skinkie (#46307573) Attached to: We Can Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia
Does anyone really think that the NSA wouldn't have been overthrown by the people if the government wasn't there to protect their precious surveillance state in the first place, using means of violence against human society as hole? What we need is a way to establish a status quo in ultimate personal security. A way no sniper riffle in Ukraine could hurt you, nor you would be able to hurt anyone else, nor you would be moving where you don't want to be taken. This would give a lovely ecosystem that everyone understands.
We are all quite back at Animal Farm et al. The question is: what should happen before mass hysteria outbreak occurs beyond the typical themes such as "religion". Passive democracy is certainly not quite cutting it, and is it better than the past? Probably yes, because people are being held accountable for registered actions. It does sadly not say anything about the puppet master that tries to make us think we are better off now.

Comment: Chernobyl? (Score 1) 124

by Skinkie (#44337265) Attached to: Around 2,000 Fukushima Workers At Risk of Thyroid Cancer
I don't want to talk about risk etc. but can we please get accurate statistics on this one? Because the risk that it is possible that radiation can cause thyriod cancer is good to know, but I am interested how many workers in Fukushima actually got or might get cancer incompare to the unbelievable low numbers in Chernobyl.

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