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Comment: Not just this one. (Score 5, Informative) 99

by Skidge (#42898809) Attached to: Collaborative LaTeX Editor With Preview In Your Web Browser

While the summary makes it sound like this is some breakthrough idea, there are several similar sites out there:

And others, I'm sure. Is the submitter the owner of this particular version? The marketing speak is a bit over-the-top.

I used sharelatex for a group project last semester and it worked fine. Several features were added since then that make it likely I'll use it again.

Comment: Re:Whiteboards are critical, you see the mistakes. (Score 1) 372

by Skidge (#42867959) Attached to: Professors Rejecting Classroom Technology

I've just gone back to school to work on a PhD. My previous schooling was in the late 90s, before PowerPoint was used regularly in classrooms. This time around, I've had classes with older professors who use the chalkboard and young ones (younger than me) who rely on a presentation. It is vastly easier to follow a proof when it's being written out on the chalk/whiteboard as it's being explained than when it's just sitting on a projection screen being pointed at.

Comment: Re:Can't... (Score 1) 680

by Skidge (#32501616) Attached to: Anti-Speed Camera Activist Buys Police Department's Web Domain

In Germany, people know how to drive. It costs more than $1500 to get your license, which includes many hours of driving lessons and a driver must me 18 or older. It's much more serious business than in the U.S., where you can start driving in some locales when your practically just old enough to see over the steering wheel. American drivers, in general, couldn't handle driving like they were in Germany.


+ - Amazon Introduces Wireless E-Book Reader 1

Submitted by What'sInAName
What'sInAName (115383) writes "As anticipated, Amazon has just released Kindle , their wireless e-book reader. The reader can apparently download books wirelessly (via Sprint's EVDO network). Utilizing electronic paper, Kindle is said to provide a crisp black-and-white screen that resembles the appearance and readability of printed paper. The screen works using ink, just like books and newspapers, but displays the ink particles electronically. It reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, eliminating the glare associated with other electronic displays. The cost is $399, and some books seem to be going for $9.99. This would make a nice stocking stuffer!"

+ - Amazon Introduces Amazon Kindle, a Wireless Reader-> 1

Submitted by
Tech.Luver writes " today introduced Amazon Kindle, a revolutionary portable reader that wirelessly downloads books, blogs, magazines and newspapers to a crisp, high-resolution electronic paper display that looks and reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight. More than 90,000 books are now available in the Kindle Store, including 101 of 112 current New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases, which are $9.99, unless marked otherwise. Kindle is available starting today for $399 at Amazon/Kindle. — Downloads Content Wirelessly, No PC Required, No Hunting for Wi-Fi Hot Spots The Kindle wireless delivery system, Amazon Whispernet, uses the same nationwide high-speed data network (EVDO) as advanced cell phones. Kindle customers can wirelessly shop the Kindle Store, download or receive new content — all without a PC, Wi-Fi hot spot, or syncing. ( )"
Link to Original Source

Dvorak Says gPhone is Doomed 454

Posted by Zonk
from the that's-doom-ed dept.
drewmoney writes "Speaking with his usual frustrated crankiness John Dvorak rants his way through an article explaining why the gPhone will never work. 'First of all, it wants to put Google search on a phone. It wants to do this because it is obvious to the folks at Google that people need to do Web searches from their phone, so they can, uh, get directions to the restaurant? Of course, they can simply use the phone itself to call the restaurant and ask! I've actually used various phones with Web capability. They never work right. They take forever to navigate. It's hard to read the screens ... I also hope that people note the fact that the public has not been flocking to smartphones of any sort.' "

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