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Comment: Business model impact... (Score 1) 121

by SkiTee94 (#46746341) Attached to: 44% of Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted
The number of dormant accounts isn't terribly surprising to anyone that's run a site with users (although its likely much higher than Twitter would like broadly known). The bigger concern is really how the high number of fake / zombie accounts on Twitter impact's it's business model. Advertisers pay for clicks/follows and in talking to advertisers I hear a frustration with the not insignificant amount of paid 'traffic' coming from bots/fake accounts that simply troll the site clicking links and 'following' people. Twitter needs to get much better at separating the 'real' users from the noise... and there's a LOT of noise. To an advertiser that's like finding out a bunch of those magazines you advertised in based on X number of subscribers were just shipped straight to the landfill...

Comment: Liability Also a Massive Assiue (Score 2) 319

by SkiTee94 (#46689909) Attached to: SF Evictions Surging From Crackdown On Airbnb Rentals
In addition to the fact that airbnb hosts are, in many locations, operating illegal hotels (under current law), liability is also a massive concern. Airbnb boasts about their insurance for hosts but if you read the fine print you'll see that when it really matters their insurance is worthless to you. If a guest trashes your place the insurance helps you out... but the real issue a host needs to be worried about is liability. Airbnb's fine print specifically excludes liability coverage. What if a guest is injured or dies on your property. Now you've got serious issues. Most property owners have liability coverage through their homeowners policy (renters can also buy liability coverage). However, if a claim is made the insurance company is going to tell you to take a hike as soon as they find out you were running an illegal hotel and that's the reason the claimant (or the family of the deceased) is suing you.

+ - Conde Nast storing passwords in plain text?

Submitted by SkiTee94
SkiTee94 (2984671) writes "New Yorker subscribers just received e-mails stating in part: "It recently came to our attention that for a period of time others could have seen your password." "we recommend that you consider changing your password to any other site for which you use the same password." and "At this time, we have temporarily disabled the New Yorker Customer Care Web site in order to make further enhancements."

Was Conde Nast IT just exposed for storing subscriber's passwords in plain text?"

Comment: Hype about Hype (Score 1) 139

by SkiTee94 (#46410789) Attached to: 'Data Science' Is Dead
There's no question that there's a certain amount of hype around 'big data' / 'data science' at the moment, and with that comes a lot of "me too!" people. If the argument is that there's a lot of people just jumping on the bandwagon saying they can do 'data science' then I'll give the author that... but the suggestion that 'data science is dead' seems a bit hyperbolic to say the least.

I've worked with a lot of top-notch people that would likely be labeled as 'data scientists' and I can tell you that:
1) They can do some amazing things
2) They honestly don't care what you call them ('data scientists' / 'wiz kid' / 'that guy who's Linux box is secretly running our company') and are happy to let other people waste their own time arguing about titles
3) They do generate real value
4) Their employers value them and that's reflected in their pay
5) Their employers typically want more people just like them, but have a hard time finding/recruiting that talent... yes HR likes resume key words so they don't need to do any real work finding people to interview

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 2) 382

by SkiTee94 (#44311479) Attached to: Pre-Dawn Wireless Emergency Alert Wakes Up NYC
The Wireless Emergency Alerts system was intended mostly to be for major emergencies where everyone needs to be notified (e.g. there's a tornado coming your way seek cover). Sending an alert to everyone in the middle of the night to look out for a license plate number is a poor use of the system. The net result is that many people got annoyed and are now deactivating what could be a very important resource in the future. Information such as "look our for a Tan Lexus" is best directed at people in a position to make use of it... e.g., notifying those out on the road via electronic road signs and radio broadcasts. Waking a city of 8 million up to give them information that is totally useless will just annoy people.

Comment: Re:Loud? (Score 1) 382

by SkiTee94 (#44311395) Attached to: Pre-Dawn Wireless Emergency Alert Wakes Up NYC
This was sent via the Wireless Emergency Alert and not a text message. It's a special alert that sounds a loud continuous tone (similar to the tone on TV/radio when they test the "Emergency Broadcast System"). It was automatically "installed" on most modern smartphones (at least in the NYC area) earlier this year. The default setting is "on" although users can disable the alerts (which apparently many in NYC are now doing).

+ - Apple-Liquidmetal Joint Patent Could Enable Futuristic-Looking Mobile Devices->

Submitted by MojoKid
MojoKid (1002251) writes "Apple may be closer than previously thought to using Liquidmetal’s technology to manufacture casings for its mobile devices. In a patent filing, a company called “Crucible Intellectual Properties, LLC” (which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquidmetal dedicated to Apple work) laid claim to a manufacturing process for creating “bulk amorphous alloy sheets”, also known as bulk metallic glass (BMG). The process, called “float glass”, involves two layers of molten metal, and the result is a glass-like metal that allegedly would be strong, incredibly lightweight, corrosion-resistant--and low cost. Further, the manufacturing process would ostensibly make it far easier to create specific items, as it removes some of the barriers and issues related to forming and cutting metal, and specifically BMG."
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+ - Pre-Dawn Wireless Emergency Alert Wakes Up NYC->

Submitted by SkiTee94
SkiTee94 (2984671) writes "Many people, perhaps millions, in and around NYC were loudly awoken shortly before 4am morning by an activation of the Wireless Emergency Alert system. As the New York Times is reporting, the alert was related to an ongoing search for a missing child. Given that the alert asked people to look out for a "Tan Lexus ES300" with NY Plate "GEX1377" many New Yorkers are questioning the logic of waking up the whole city to ask them to look for a car. Normally such alerts are reserved for road-side signs. While emergency authorities have yet to give a precise reason for why the decision was made to wake up the city, many have taken the step of deactivating these alerts to avoid future jolting mid-slumber alarms (likely not the indented result of last night's exercise)."
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Google News Sci Tech: Elon Musk Posts Plan to Annouce Hyperloop Transit System - Bloomberg->

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Elon Musk Posts Plan to Annouce Hyperloop Transit System
Elon Musk, chief executive officer of electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc., will unveil designs for a solar-powered inter-city passenger transport system by Aug. 12. The technology behind the system will be a “breakthrough” and Musk will be “happy to work...
Elon Musk Will Reveal His High-Speed Hyperloop Transport Design By August 12TechCrunch
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk To Publish Hyperloop Plans In AugustValueWalk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk launches TESLIVESustainable Business Oregon
EV World-CNET (blog)-SlashGear
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+ - Using Communication Intercepts to Monitor Your Reaction to the NSA Story -> 2

Submitted by SkiTee94
SkiTee94 (2984671) writes "Oh the irony. As news broke about PRISM and the NSA’s vast social-media data collection efforts, users around the world took to these same sites to express their outrage. A group of data scientists demonstrates how even relatively simple monitoring of communications intercepts can quickly reveal what’s being discussed and how it evolves. With so much being written about the NSA’s surveillance efforts, very little is said about how this actually works. This brief overview offers some perspective into the execution of data collection and analysis."
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