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Comment Doors (Score 2) 345

For a minor example of the kind of problem from a few decades ago "Should a man hold a door open for a woman?". For awhile you would receive abuse no matter HOW you answered that. (From different groups, but still abuse.) For that matter just last week I heard a woman saying (as a compliment) to a man that it had been years since the last time a man held a door open for her. She still saw that the the proper polite behavior.

Door opening is initiated by the female, and so cannot be harassment. She slows down, and the man gets to the door first. If she doesn't slow down, then the man has to run ahead, which makes him look silly. If she doesn't slow down, then she isn't a lady, and he shouldn't run for her. We don't have a shortage of polite men, we have women instead of ladies.

Comment Re:May not have to worry about taxes (Score 1) 734

While working in Canada I had a boss who was a US citizen, but he had been born in Canada to US married parents. He had the tax id for his parents to claim him as a dependent till 18. But he did not have a SSN number. He refused to work in the states because he didn't want to get a SSN number and thus have to pay taxes for the rest of his life, but he was still a US citizen. I have no clue if that was legal or not. And I have no idea if this matches your circumstances, but it may be something you want to look into. See if they will be forced to pay taxes even if they don't have an SSN number just the tax id (which is different for children, or so I've been told).

I am shocked that someone posted something potentially informative.

Comment Re:Sarkeesian, really? (Score 1) 299

Sarkeesian was the first to really stand up to it in a very public way, did a lot to draw attention to the problem and documented it in detail. I think it's fair to say that we wouldn't have come this far without her.

For me it's hard to pick between her and Snowden. Both have done a lot to draw attention to important issues, at great personal risk.

Snowden blow open something I already knew. But Sarkeesian let me in on the child thread of the above post. I was utterly unaware that so many readers of Slashdot were...well...whatever one calls those kind of people.

Submission + - A Domain Registrar Is Starting a Fiber ISP to Compete With Comcast

Jason Koebler writes: Tucows Inc., an internet company that's been around since the early 90s—it’s generally known for being in the shareware business and for registering and selling premium domain names—announced that it's becoming an internet service provider.
Tucows will offer fiber internet to customers in Charlottesville, Virginia—which is served by Comcast and CenturyLink—in early 2015 and eventually wants to expand to other markets all over the country. “Everyone who has built a well-run gigabit network has had demand exceeding their expectations," Elliot Noss, Tucows' CEO said. "We think there's space in the market for businesses like us and smaller."

Submission + - RIP DDJ (

An anonymous reader writes: Dr. Dobb's — long time icon of programming magazines — "sunsets" at the end of the year. Younger people may not care, but for the hard core old guys, it marks the end of a world where broad knowledge of computers and being willing to create solutions instead of reuse them was valuable.

Submission + - The Trouble with Tor (

poseur writes: With both the NSA and the FBI paying close attention to Tor, it is no longer the best option for Internet anonymity. Thank goodness alternatives to Tor exist.

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