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Submission + - Virginia Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Spam Law

Skater writes: The Washington Post is reporting that the Virginia Supreme Court has struck down the anti-spam law that was used to convict spammer Jeremy James, on the grounds that the ability to be anonymous was more important than the problem of spam. Strangely, the same court only a few months ago upheld the law.

Submission + - Calculating Musical Sellouts->

Skater writes: "The Washington Post (free reg required) has an article talking about musical sellouts, including the Moby Quotient, a formula named after the artist that you can use to calculate the relative value of a sellout song. Microsoft's use of "Start Me Up" for Windows 95 is listed as the starting point of when this became acceptable."
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Submission + - Maryland governor wants paper ballots for November

Skater writes: "The Washington Post is reporting that Maryland Governor Ehrlich has requested that Maryland scrap the automated voting system and return to paper for the November election, after a number of problems were discovered in the primaries. He's threatened to call a special session of the legislature to change the law to allow paper ballots."

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