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Comment: Re:Manual config (Score 1) 59

by Skater (#48938717) Attached to: D-Link Routers Vulnerable To DNS Hijacking
My experience with the WRT54G v1.1 was ten years of trouble free use. I replaced it only because I wanted a faster network (I move large files around frequently). In fact, I still have my WRT54G, and I needed to come up with a way to get internet access for one device to multiple devices at a show we run, so I installed dd-wrt or openwrt on it and had it connecting to two wireless networks (one with net access and our private one). Even when I was running a live video stream through that connection, the WRT54G performed perfectly. I wish my newer Netgear router was as reliable as my WRT54G was; it requires a power cycle every few weeks.

Comment: Mixed feelings on 747 (Score 1) 260

by TigerPlish (#48936253) Attached to: US Air Force Selects Boeing 747-8 To Replace Air Force One

On the one hand, it is a majestic airplane, with a good ride, and enough room in it to do whatever you want with it. Flying White House, Flying Pentagon, both been done forever. NEACP (Kneecap, or "Gordo") is another favorite 747 of mine.

On the other hand, the 747 was the airplane that killed Pan Am, and therefore I resent it a bit. True, Trippe went completely bonkers and bought too many too soon -- Pan Am would've been better served by updating its extensive fleet of 707 instead -- but the 747 was more airplane than the world needed then.. and maybe even now. 747 was Pan Am jumping the shark.

And that brings me to the point of this post: While the 747 in Air Force One colors is really nice, no airplane wears that paintjob better than the 707 did. Especially with the check in the tail, which the 747 lacks.

The new one better have a polished underbelly and a blue and silver check in the tail, just like the original Loewy design for Air Force One when it was a 707.

I can't think of a better airplane than the 747 for Air Force One. a 777 doesn't have the cubic footage, the 787 is even smaller. And a civilianized C5 would just be wrong, just plane wrong. As for Airbus, Air France 447 and the one that crashed during the Paris Air Show have left me with a bit of disdain for their particular style of fly-by-wire. I don't think Boeing's take on FBW is as demented. I'd rather fly in a beat-up smokey Super 80 than in any Airbus.

Comment: Engine sounds through speaker = bemusing (Score 1) 818

by TigerPlish (#48884605) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

But I really like what Mini, Jag and some others (lambo?) are doing -- they replicate the *pop* you sometimes got out of hi-strung carburetted cars when you let up on the gas. This pop was made by a bit of unburnt gas going into the pipes when the throttle plates would snap shut.

The modern version just randomly squirts a bit of gas into the exhaust to make the pop artificially when you let up the gas. And I'm totally cool with this. In my mini it's selectable by sport mode. I love this feature. It reminds me of old sports cars.

Mine's a polite little pop or two. The F-Type jag sounds like a machinegun, and the Aventador I heard the other day had so many pops on upshift that it could've been confused with an mg-42.

All artificial, but not piped in through the stereo. A joy to hear in a garage or a tunnel.

Digital pianos do this too -- they replicate (or for lesser pianos, sample) artifacts of real pianos. Because people found out that a perfectly tuned piano with no mechanical noises is boring.

+ - South Korea broadens censorship to innocuous music videos

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "If you're in South Korea, you now need to verify your age via cell phone to watch this Nomy video that's essentially anti-drugs, or this classic Wu Tang Clang video. It's a fucking embarrassment. If you can click these links and watch the videos without any problem, congratulations, you're not in South Korea.

It's hard to know who's to blame for this. The South Korean government has been championing a clampdown on access to explicit materials such as online porn (via proxy through Christian groups), but at the same time, it's hard to think that these same prudes have actually spent much time listening to early 90s American hip-hop or Swedish rock. More likely, Youtube (and by extension, Google) are now suggesting that perhaps certain songs are best heard by mature audiences, and whatever boolean switch got flipped there meant that if you're in Korea, you've now got to to prove you're old enough to hear such dangerous material.

This is the page you're sent to in order to verify your age for the Wu Tang video, although the TLD ageverification.google.co.kr doesn't take you anywhere. Entering false information to circumvent this bullshit leads to an error message saying "Your phone information is mismatched." which suggests that Google is working with South Korean telecom companies to facilitate the censorship."

Comment: Re:Any actual examples? (Score 1) 598

by Skater (#48738885) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

I keep typing ... A-l-i-c-e- -C-o...

As soon as I type the first 'o', itunes suggests "Alice COOPER", and autocompletes what I'm typing; and it helpfully capitalizes the 'o' I just typed too. I literally could not find any way to get itunes to accept "Alice Cooper" into the box via the keyboard. I resorted to typing Alice Cooper in notepad, and using paste in iTunes as the ONLY way to fix the artist name.

A few versions back that dialog box worked just fine.

That's just one tiny example that represents an entire CLASS of grief I have with apple software these days. I run into the same sorts of grief all over the place.

Even clippy was less annoying... at least it asked if you wanted help, and you say no, and you could even turn it off. Apple now just assumes you need help, won't let you say no or turn it off, and won't even let you fix its incorrect guesses. UX idiocy.

You know, I'm seeing that in Safari on my MB Pro. I have a home-brew photo database with a web front end, and for picture #1 I might type a caption like, "skater types on slashdot", then for the second picture which happens to be of me, I'll type in "skater". Then it fills in the "...types on slashdot" and I have to fight with it to keep that part away. I thought it was because my computer is running slowly and I was typing quickly, but it sounds exactly like what you're seeing.

Comment: Re: Nosedive (Score 1) 598

by Skater (#48738791) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

I gave my iPhone to my daughter and bought a Nexus 5 precisely because getting the operating system (iOS 7 at that point) was just one big piece of suckage, and having to use the iTunes software to move songs, video and books off my computer. iTunes may actually be the worst software I've seen any major software house produce. If its designers and coders had any sense of honor, they'd find the highest building they could, and leap off of it.

Android has its flaws, but when I plug my into my computer's USB port, I can copy files on and off without trouble, create new directories, without any hassle at all.

The worst part of my saga is that my wife went out and bought an iPhone and an iPod, and I was trying to show her how to move all her MP3s on to those devices, and I discovered the newest version of iTunes is every bit as awful and non-intuitive as its forebears. After an hour of fucking about, my wife finally admitted that she should have gone with Android.

I had exactly the opposite problem with Android - getting music on to my S3 was a nightmare; after wasting many hours fighting with it, I finally had to buy software to sync over the air, and that never worked all that well. I never could get my Macbook Pro or my Linux desktop to recognize my Android phone when I plugged it in, even with the Android drivers for OS X that are available. When the iPhone 6 came out, I preordered one and was able to load songs on to it with just a couple clicks and some time to sync, no problem. Maybe iTunes for Windows is bad, but it always seems to work fine for me under OS X.

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