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Comment: Re:Nobody else seems to want it (Score 1) 340

by Skarjak (#47716581) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'
I disagree. Fridges haven't really been getting any better for a while, but no one claims that industry is dead. You'll have to buy new desktops because like everything else, they'll eventually stop working. And I wouldn't be so quick to say extra power will never be needed. The average computer has been fully capable of doing all tasks the average user needs to get done for a quite a few years now, but they keep getting stronger anyway. That's because you can find new things to do with that power. And of course, work computers or gaming computers can absolutely make use of extra power. Finally, companies can still work to make computers more silent or power efficient. I think there's still room. What we'ere seeing is a diversification of ways to interact with technology, which inevitably means a reduction of market share for the older products, but as long as these products are still needed, the industry will be in good shape.

Comment: Re:Torvalds is true to form.... (Score 1) 340

by Skarjak (#47715687) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'
I'm not sure why people are looking for a cause. It's obvious why Linux isn't number one: momentum. Windows managed to grab a dominating share of the market first, and it's going to take a lot to change that. This is true in any industry. Linux will only be #1 on desktop if the others really screw things up. Most people don't choose an OS based on their merits, they just buy a computer and use the OS it came with cause it works. There won't be a "year of the linux desktop". There might be, however, a year of the "OK this time Microsoft has really dropped the ball".

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by Skarjak (#47715637) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'
I'm always puzzled to see these kinds of posts. Do you do your work on a tablet? "Desktop is dead!" is a lame cliche the media came up with that everyone can parrot to show how "knowledgeable" they are about the industry, when a simple inspection of the facts shows desktops aren't going away any time soon. I'm writing this from a desktop, with a confortable mechanical keyboard, a good mouse and a widescreen monitor, cause that's what you need if you want to get shit done.

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by Skarjak (#47666899) Attached to: Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites
That Schrier guys actually posts on NeoGAF, a gaming forum, and he complains that people won't let him live this down, even though he later apologized. The "apology" was basically one line of "ok, I shouldn't have called the artist a hormonal teenager, but..." and then he just talks about how right he is. Personally I'm glad to see people lose credibility in the long term for their clickbaiting. Games are starting to be important enough that people discuss them as art and talk about their social impact, we don't need people destroying the discussion by shouting their poorly-reasoned opinions to get more clicks.

Comment: Re:and linux aswell (Score 2) 267

by Skarjak (#47619325) Attached to: Skype Blocks Customers Using OS-X 10.5.x and Earlier
Your post makes me sad. I have been adding --ignore skype to my package manager update commands since version 4.3 requires you to have pulseaudio. I game on my machine and pulseaudio causes issues in multiple games, so I'm not about to install that. Especially since pulseaudio is such a pain when it comes to starting on its own. I'll stick with ALSA. I guess that means I'm going to have to uninstall skype. Will use the tablet until I can convince people to use another solution... So basically, damn you Microsoft for trying to force me to use pulseaudio! ALSA was doing a perfect job, not sure why they dropped support.

Comment: "Isolating" by choosing open source? (Score 5, Insightful) 115

by Skarjak (#47617631) Attached to: China Bans iPad, MacBook Pro, Other Apple Products For Government Use
Up to now, they've been banning proprietary products for the benefit of more open ones. I know that we like to show China as a country with isolationist tendencies, but I'm not sure the glove fits on this one. I don't think choosing not to get screwed by Microsoft or Apple is such a bad thing.

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