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by GigsVT (#47219767) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

You are ignoring the fact that it seems like one highly intelligent and technology-developing species could probably not evolve in coexistence with another one on the same planet, at some point one would win and kill off the other one.

I'm sure it's been proposed/discussed many times before, but I don't know if this concept has an "official" name or not.

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by GigsVT (#47219707) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

Directionality is a mostly irrelevant consideration.

The fact that an antenna is 9db or 30db higher in one direction quickly becomes irrelevant with the vast distances of space. Antennas don't work like flashlights. They are more like a light bulb with a two-way mirror on one side that reflects 50% of the light and lets 50% of it through out the back. At VHF and above, things like mountains act like mirrors that reflect signals straight up (among other directions), as well.

You are somewhat wrong about AM... at least broadcast band AM is mostly only directional in the sense that there's dead zones straight off the ends of the dipole. They are shooting quite a bit of signal upward. Our ionosphere does strongly reflect and attenuate what would make it out to space in those bands though.

This goes toward your comment about the 50s and 60s... we have far more powerful transmitters in operation now (some VHF TV the better part of 1 megawatt!), and in bands that aren't reflected by the ionosphere. If anything we are getting louder and louder.

Unfortunately the first thing they might see of humanity is free-to-air broadcast TV, and just assume that we are all complete idiots.

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by Skal Tura (#47141095) Attached to: As Crypto Mining Grows, Data Centers Begin Accepting Bitcoin

You are assuming that bitcoin mining will exponentially keep increasing and no new efficiencies discovered. Wrong.
Bitcoin mining is auto balancing by the value of each bitcoin. If energy spent costs more than bitcoin acquired, people will not invest in new mining hardware. How could they, or is money somehow infinite for the miners, to be able to purchase more and more gear?

FIAT money is not energy free neither.
Bitcoin is revolutionizing how money is conceived, FIAT money is basicly a huge scam, there actually are parties in this world for who money *is* infinite, such as goverments and world bank. See documentary Zeitgeist.

Bitcoin takes the power from the elite to just print more money away, and that's a bad thing?!?!

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by Skal Tura (#47099585) Attached to: Servo Stock 3D Printer Brings Closed-Loop Control To Reprap

It's not a matter if there is stronger and more precise machinery available - it's a matter of getting it to consumers, ie. on the cheap.
Getting price down on things is just as much a science as everything else - but it's different, and mostly engineering rather than science in instances like this.
It's about figuring out how to utilize something existing, now cheap, on creating new things.

Money is not infinite for everyone but goverments and big banks.

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by mrops (#47080879) Attached to: HP Makes More Money, Cuts 16,000 Jobs

Being an Indian, I understand the frustration when support goes out to some dude in India who barely speaks English. I have been there myself, not only that, I have been asked how I made it to Canada.

Nonetheless, those that do make the H1B cut are not the same that answer those phone calls. H1B may be fresh grads, however most have engineering degrees, at the start of which they had to compete against 500,000 applicants for a under 10000 seats. Further, seats in Computer engineering which are valued more so than others are probably around 1000.

Furthermore, there is a contrast in fee, in US, a student might have to bail out if he cannot afford the education, so not only do you have to be smart, you have to be rich, contrasting that to peanuts, the competition gets very very tough back in India.

So joke all you want, those that do make it to US are rather smart and hard working.

I'm not saying they are not exploited, they are. The solution is simple, the employer has to prove, H1B is needed as local talent cannot be found, if thats the case, do not tie H1B to an employer, let the employee roam free. You will see a drastic cut in H1B and abuse of new immigrants.

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by Skal Tura (#47061109) Attached to: Fusion Power By 2020? Researchers Say Yes and Turn To Crowdfunding.

As with all scientific theories - they are made to be rebutted, more accepted, the better!
From his point of view it's probably very logical to take steady-state model over Big Bang Theory - so maybe he just has a deeper understanding of the subject and he's a genius .... or more likely HIS view is just that way biased, he sees Big Bang as impossible
He might be the next Einstein.... or not

IMO, our view of the universe is way too small to say either as definite, right now it looks like big bang is more plausible. Then again the energy levels involved in big bang are so insanely out there it's impossible to imagine... Infact the energy levels required are infinite to the infity, if universe is defined as infinite. Universe needs to have absolute limits in size for big bang not to return value NaN.

Until we can expand our view of the universe by .... let's say going out there at least few thousand light years away from earth, to at least 3 different directions, it's pretty much complete guesswork...

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Yet, by research we started taking measurements at the coldest point in recent history of recent few hundred thousand years.
Hence, the CLIMATE CHANGE, is most likely just natural change.

This research was done by drilling into ice taking a core sample. Ice has "memory" in regards of temperatures from history, of course those are just annual average readings, but that's what GLOBAL WARMING is supposed to be as well.

If you want to see ecological damage, take a look at ground water pumping and other sweet water sources, cutting down forests. Now those are scary things!

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Global warming is mostly sensationalist journalism.
Climate change on the other hand is real, and somewhat tangible. The source of which is probably nothing man made.

Nature of this little blue ball is much much more resilient than people think.

More we burn fossil fuels:
* The more vegetation will grow due to increased CO2
* Plants will clean the air, while taking in sunshine, increase the net energy content of this little blue planet, by storing it into biomass. (increase in total net energy content is a plus, we can use that biomass to make biofuels)
* More of the heat generated by using any form of energy source which has been stored (ie. fossil fuels, burning wood etc.) is radiated out of this planet
* Less heat is extracted out of the core, because the heat difference is closing
* Ice caps work as short term buffers, while they melt they release chemicals, some of which can contribute into cooling the planet.
* If temps are higher, it means more water evaporates == more of the heat is utilized on evaporation process causing cooler temperatures
* More cloudy it is, the sunshine doesn't get to surface, and is reflected backwards (clouds are rather white after all... hence reflects IR radiation) out of the planet

If any effect what-so-ever, climate change is affected much much more by eating meat than anything else.
Don't eat meat, and you could have 2x Hummer H2s humming 24/7/365, and tons of other wastefull stuff and you still contribute less to greenhouse gas emissions than average joe. Seriously, it's that much!

Much more alarming is the amount of forests being cut down, and sweet water usage levels etc. than anything relating to greenhouse gasses, global warming, climate change or whatever you want to name it.

In my opinion, the whole climate change/global warming is a huge elaborate conspiracy scam to make people pay more for their used energy, in whatever form, created by the huge hidden powers behind the mega corporations of the world, things like OPEC which is a legalized cartel working 24/7 on ways to increase fuel prices.

Oh btw, we have no such thing as shortage on fossil fuels, that's another load of crap. Today we have the means and technology to do full compatible biofuels at likely cheaper rates than barrel of oil is going for.... Tho, mysteriously those companies tend to disappear shortly after coming public with their advancements.
Current ethanol trend is just another scam to put more money on the pockets of farmers as well, very very inefficient. much more efficient methods exist than farming sugar corn etc. for making ethanol. Any biomass can be turned into ethanol rather cheaply in mass production, provided you have the right scientists working for you, thanks to bacteria and genetic engineering. Same method can be used to make any hydrocarbons on the cheap as well...

Why do these exist in? Because people in power benefit from these "problems", they work as a wonderful revenue source AND very nice distraction from actually important stuff... you know, like advancing human race as a whole and therefore endangering the position of the powers that be.

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