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+ - Cisco threatens owner of ciscoblog.com

Sk0yern writes: Cisco threatens one of the most popular Cisco blogs for violation of their trademark http://www.ciscoblog.com/2010/04/ciscoblogcomthe.html: "Well, after 5 fun years of running CiscoBlog.com, Cisco "agents" have come. I was contacted by Cisco a couple weeks ago stating that CiscoBlog.com violates their trademark. Being that CiscoBlog.com gets 600,000 hits monthly (isn't that amazing?!?) I thought I could at least get a box of t-shirts out of the whole deal. Unfortunately, the response went something like, "Mr. Anderson...this is a legal matter. We don't negotiate."

Despite finding this out, I was still really bugged about this move...especially with the hundreds (if not thousands) of other domains that use Cisco in their name. That is...until Cisco pointed out to me violating their trademark policy also violates their certification NDA agreement...What?!? Yep, it's true...buried there in the certification agreement you take every time you take a certification exam is essentially the statement, "I will not violate Cisco's trademark." "

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