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+ - The Solid State PC->

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Sivar writes " built 'a truly solid-state PC'.
A silent PC is one that makes absolutely no noise, and by necessity has no moving parts (including fans). Such systems usually use very low-end hardware limited to trivial tasks such as running a cash register. The system introduced today, a Solid-State PC (SSPC) is a powerful quad-core Windows 7 system which runs most software faster than the majority of modern PCs, yet uses less than 25W idle."

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The Internet

+ - Why BitTorrent causes latency and how to fix it

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Sivar writes ""Anyone VoIP or online gamer who has a roommate or a family member who uses BitTorrent (or any P2P application) knows what a nightmare it is when BitTorrent is in use. The ping (round trip latency) goes through the roof and it stays there making VoIP packets drop out and game play impossible." George Ou looks into why BitTorrent seems to affect performance so much more than other types of file transfer and a controversial way to fix it."
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Using Comcast to speed up torrents

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Charles Burns
Charles Burns writes "George Ou has published instructions to seed torrents reliably through Comcast. "The difference in speed for this rare torrent was an astounding 100 fold increase in performance as well as a reliable Torrent that doesn't depend on an individual slow seeder in a residential Cable broadband network who may shut off his computer or P2P application or get TCP reset.""

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