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Comment Re:Bugs and almost zero post release bugfixing (Score 1) 54

Your memory is scrambled. Battlefield 1942 was ludicrously buggy - there was a patch released two days before the game even came out and it then took several patches for it to really get up to speed. There are still many bugs and exploits in the game that will never be patched.

Comment Why God gave us "skill level" (Score 1) 507

You know, that thing at the start where you tune the difficulty to suit your level of ability? I tried the new PoP and was offended by the lack of challenge. The Sands of Time trilogy hit near-perfection with the timebending-mixed-with-checkpoints gameplay; all defense of the new mechanic can be boiled down to "I suck at gaming and wish all games to treat all players as though they suck too."

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