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Comment: Weeeelllll.... (Score 1) 948

by Sire Enaique (#28162225) Attached to: Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development

I fail to see where Google has a problem.
Gnome is the default DE of the three main distros, Ubuntu, Suse and RH/Fedora, so - and that's what they did - it's quite logical to do the port on Gnome.

Now Chrome is open source, so if anybody want to port Chrome to QT/KDE, well, they can.

As to why Google wants to port Chrome to Linux, well, they need to show goodwill to the open source community to beef up the Android Market.

And finally, I think we'll see the Gnome/KDE duality for a long, long time, simply because some people prefer C and others C++ and we're talking about free software.


Open Source Usability — Joomla! Vs. WordPress 240

Posted by kdawson
from the apples-and-orange-trees dept.
An anonymous reader writes "PlayingWithWire profiles two open source tools for Web development, comparing Joomla! and WordPress through the lens of usability. The article has apparently upset a few people at the Joomla! forum, but it does bring up a good point. Many open source projects are developed by engineers for engineers — should they focus more on usability? PlayingWithWire makes a bold analogy: 'If Joomla! is Linux, then WordPress is Mac OS X. WordPress might offer only 90% of the features of Joomla!, but in most cases WordPress is both easier to use and faster to get up and running.'" The article repeatedly stresses that blogging platform WordPress and CMS harness Joomla! occupy different levels of the content hierarchy. How fair is it to twit Joomla! on usability?

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