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Comment Re:Since the Late Sixties... (Score 2) 166

Any counterculture gathering that doesn't attract FBI watchers just isn't trying hard enough. I used to think it was insidious. Now, I think the feds just want a cushy week or two watching the scantily clad.

...and that the guys from the Reno office always wanted to have a MDMA fueled spooning session in their custom turn-key camp at BM.

Comment Re:I really just don't get it. (Score 1) 166

Yes, that is one of the "weirdest" things about the FF, that none of them wanted to take full control.
Washington voluntarily giving up power was nothing short of a miracle and an amazing precedent for this country.
God bless him!

Comment Re:I really just don't get it. (Score 1) 166

>> I can't really think of any other of the founding fathers as being weird, tho.

That's the strange thing about modern times. Guys who risked their lives, their families and everything they had on an idea are now considered stodgy and mainstream, whereas some random dude with tattoos, dreads and an iPhone working a zero-risk job at Taco John's is considered to be a "free thinker."

Read up 'em - you might be surprised.

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

Comment Re:Here's the problem (Score 1) 137

Yea, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago didn't really do much to stir the consciousness of Americans.
That was the environmental 9/11 or Pearl Harbor you're looking for.

People know we are on the downward spiral.
People have known since the 1970s that the environment is in bad shape, and that as long as we continue our selfish ways not much will change.

It's like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Comment When will people learn (Score 3, Insightful) 706

I have put some things online that could be embarrassing. Nothing really earthshattering, nothing I could lose a job over. Back when the "anonymous" nature of the web first started, I was always wary. Maybe not as smart as I should have been, but smart enough. Accounts, posts, passwords, etc. These things are all ephemeral and all can be compromised. I always understood that.

The real question here is why people continue to think of the internet, "the web", and the myriad of online services as secure. I'm not apologizing for what those who have compromised these accounts have done, but really, at this point everyone should know nothing that is done online is secure. There have been too many compromises.

Who has inspired this trust?

Why do millions continue to put faith in something that proves over and over again to be untrustworthy?

That is the real question.

Comment Breathing SLC's Air Is the Equivalent of... (Score 1) 182

Welcome to The Wasatch Front in Winter, where exceedingly high levels of PM 2.5 are known to increase all manner of disease, including:
asthma in children, heart disease and cancer in adults and early onset of dementia in the elderly.

Gentleman, start your engines!

Comment I have the answers to your questions (Score 3, Interesting) 145

1. Who encounters problems with voice calls?
There are parts of the Earths surface that have mountainous terrain. This mountainous terrain, which is more and more being used by mankind for habitation purposes, has a tendency to have less robust cell coverage. To those who live near or in mountainous terrain, cell coverage can be spotty and problematic.

2. Why make voice calls at all?
Voice calls are better at reflecting the true intention of the communicating parties. Texts and emails can leave out the true intentions of the message. Voice calls can make discussions much more precise between communicating parties where nuance may be critical.

3. Why the concern about the quality of voice calls via cell?
Ahh, now we come to it. Once upon a time there was a telephony network in the US that was mostly reliable and had high quality. Regardless of your phone, you could expect a high degree of audio communication, via talking(a communication technique pioneered several millennia ago). Communication via "talking" via cell now is akin to cb or walkie talkie in regard to quality.

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