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Comment Re:Discovery Channel is all BS reality TV now (Score 1) 164

As a Gen-Xer, personally despise anything with hype, melodrama, and electric guitar riffs in a DOCUMENTARY!

As a fellow Xer, and a fan of PBS/Nova/Frontline, I agree completely. However, we have to be fair here and acknowledge that those things you describe started when Xers started getting into their 30s and watching programs like that.

Comment Re:Discovery Channel is all BS reality TV now (Score 1) 164

You missed the WW2 obsession as well.

Next up:
"How the destruction of the Axis Hidden Rubber Factories of Java and Zimbabwe turned the tides of Global War"
"How the Secret Bridge Game between Stalin, Hitler, Churhill and Roosevelt turned the tides of Global War"
"Amazing Cornbread Recipes of American POWs in Germany: How our POWs secretly culinary arts turned the tides of Global War"

Comment Re:They got off easy (Score 1) 336

You bring up some good points.

However, I never compared them to "terrorists", which as we all know is a politically heated phrase that can be used against anyone the media/government/corporations and others can use. I compared them to criminals, which is what they are.

Think about this in the context of our current "law enforcement paradigm" of shooting first and asking questions later, which hasn't abated since Ferguson or any of the other incidents where police just decide to kill someone, because they were nake, high, unarmed and not following directions. Here we have armed trespassers, who flagrantly voice their intent to commit crimes and harm law enforcement, etc;

Hey, thats some double standard were seeing up there in Oregon.

Comment They got off easy (Score 4, Informative) 336

If you look at what the Hammonds have done over the last twenty years or so, what the "militia" up there has done, etc; These clowns got off easy.

Because they quote "scripture" and wear cowboy boots, they have gotten the soft approach from law enforcement, and everyone knows it.
Just imagine if something similar had taken place, except the "militia" was composed of African Americans, say, in Oakland or Memphis? It would have been a blood bath from the get go.

Also, why do these militia/patriot types think its their prerogative to use lethal force or violence to get what they want? WTF?!? That is what criminals do. Isn't this obvious enough?

Comment This sounds strangely familiar... (Score 3, Interesting) 62

Like the time Conway Twitty received Cobol source code printout in a manila envelope with a Valentines card from his cousins ex-wife. Being curious, he input and compiled the code on his PC DOS workstation, and then ran it, discovering a surprisingly nimble calendaring/appointment/contacts program.

Comment Re:You can't fix stupid (Score 1) 159

And by stupid I mean the licensing deals. We're in 2016 and there's still idiots out there who can't understand that people can't subscribe to 10+ services to watch everything they want.

That's why I'm staying with Netflix. Either they get the deals and also my money, or nobody gets it. This is entertainment, we can live without it.

Boy you've got that right.
It really is interesting when this topic comes up with people I know. Most people out there DO subscribe to multiple services so they can watch whatever/whenever. I don't, and never will. I also just go with NF.

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