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Comment: Re:Three actually (Score 1) 158

by Sir_Cockalot (#14811943) Attached to: Review - Full Auto
Nice assumptions, you jackass. My father has the SL 600, which I drove for him, and have driven many times, from our vacation home and he drove with my mother to keep her company. Didn't expect I'd have to try and prove anything because it's really not a big deal, apparently it is a big deal. My sister is a lawyer at Google and bought the Porsche and my other sister owns one as well. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which I love, but handles like a sedan. Yes, you can feel the power when you step on the throttle with either of these cars, it's exhilarating, and they handle like a dream. I can't imagine someone getting scared unless they're pansy boy which you clearly stated. At high speeds, the mini sways in turns and that will put fear into you. If we were talking about a real racecar and not a consumer version, then maybe what you said would hold true, but I have never driven a "real" racecar, just some fancy street models. I just laugh at the fact that you can't imagine someone actually drives these types of cars.

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