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SirKron (112214) writes "Although IE8 is officially supported for Office365 users until April 8, 2014, Microsoft has alienated customers stuck using the older IE8 browser with the new Wave 15 functionality of Office365 to very slow performance or complete inability to get to their email and applications. Microsoft's stance is to provide good user experience their service requires a modern browser and they cannot provide that experience on IE8. From the support article IE8 users should upgrade or deal with the slow performance."
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Time to put it into the lab until service pack 1 is, wait.

Seriously, I cannot deploy this version with most of my known AD environments because:
- Replication of AD integrated DNS zones not fully supported
- DFSR not supported, NTFRS and DFS are not good enough
- The fact that I cannot have a single operating system standard for the forest/domain which governs all security, audit, and governance policies. In short, it makes AD more complex

The only advantageous deployments I can clearly understand are for a resource forest/domain where all servers in the domain are not Windows. Why? Because as soon as you add a single Microsoft Windows server which authenticates users you are required to purchase Windows Client Access Licenses for each real person or an Internet connector license.

So unless I am replacing all of the Windows servers with linux, I am not saving any money, only making the environment more complex to manage.

Comment: I am surprised that ISPs haven't already... (Score 1) 413

by SirKron (#33843540) Attached to: Microsoft Eyes PC Isolation Ward To Thwart Botnets
I am surprised that ISPs haven't already built up terminal service farms and started renting out thin clients to grandmas. You get a thin client computer installed and setup by a tech, a fully managed desktop with most of the common software you need to get on the Internet plus they can sell you space to store your family photos. Grandma doesn't need anything more than a web browser, Office Online, and the Microsoft freebie sites. An ISP could do the same with an LTSP solution and Google Crome and Google Docs but it is just way easier to find people who have set up Citrix/terminal server farms. An even better solution would be thin provisioned virtual machines. If the ISP controlled so many of the computers I feel you would get that 100 Mbit link a whole lot faster. Back to the mainframe days. And yes, I know there are lots of barriers to this type of solution and it severely restricts grandma from running all the stupid apps she thinks she needs, but that is not the point. The point is why aren't ISPs looking to tap this market? It is there.

Comment: Field trip (Score 1) 462

by SirKron (#33411880) Attached to: What 'IT' Stuff Should We Teach Ninth-Graders?
Take a field trip to an elderly care facility and have each student try and teach a resident one-on-one something technically simple, like turning on the computer and performing a video phone call. During this process they must follow the process of submitting a help desk ticket, responding to the ticket (the lesson), document the solution, and finally, close the ticket if and only if their student could correctly perform the topic from the lesson.

Malaria Vaccine, Via Mosquito 178

Posted by timothy
from the absolutely-nothing-can-go-wrong dept.
CodeShark writes "The AP is reporting that mosquitoes have been used for the first time to deliver anti-malarial vaccine through their bites. According to this article the results were crystal clear: 100% of the vaccinated group acquired immunity, everyone in the non-vaccinated control group did not. Those in the control group and developed malaria when exposed to the parasites later, the vaccinated group did not. Malaria kills nearly a million people per year, mostly children."

Comment: Re:And I reserve the right... (Score 3, Funny) 589

by SirKron (#28053205) Attached to: FCC Reserves the Right To Search Your Home, Any Time
That is why I have a EULA on all my doors and windows.

"All users entering such premise is accepting all liability during this and subsequent visits. The homeowner is under no liability and expresses no warranty for any difficulties the vistor occurs during their visit. Beware: domicile contains lead and all visitors to this domicile accept the risk they may be injured, maimed, or even killed by lead vapor, or the actual lead bullet."

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