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Submission + - Android app claims to protect from Wi-Fi tracking

SirJorgelOfBorgel writes: Hot on the heels of stories about people's Wi-Fi signales being tracked by spy agencies and retailers (in Dutch), Android hacker Jorrit Jongma (better known as Chainfire) has released an app called Pry-Fi aiming to prevent long-term tracking. It works by periodically randomizing your MAC address and preventing your device from broadcasting all the networks it knows. There's even a "war" mode included that aims to actively confuse trackers in range. You do need a rooted Android device, it seems not all devices are supported, and not all the early adopters are having success getting it to work.

Submission + - Google removing ad-blockers from Play (

SirJorgelOfBorgel writes: It appears Google has begun removing ad-blocker apps for Android from the Play store, citing breached of the Play Store Developer Distribution Agreement. The apps would be welcome back as soon as they no longer violated the agreement, though that doesn't seem possible while keeping the apps' core functionality intact.

Submission + - Android app controls DSLRs over USB (

SirJorgelOfBorgel writes: TechCrunch reports that fairly well known mobile hacker Chainfire (known among other things for creating the very first "turn your phone into a hotspot" application — now commonplace in mobiles) has just released a BETA version of his DSLR Controller application on Android Market.

As you would expect from an app called DSLR Controller, it allows full control over compatible DSLRs from a compatible Android phone or tablet.

Beware though, the beta is not free, at the moment only Canon EOS DSLRs are supported, and the list of supported Android devices pretty much comes down to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and dual-core Honeycomb tablets.

Nevertheless, this is a very interesting development as it's the first mobile app to do this directly over USB — without needing an extra laptop or computer as a go-between. Root isn't required either.

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