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Comment Re:Amazon has no idea what security is (Score 4, Informative) 131

The account in question was taken care of, I tried to follow up but they went silent. You can still register new accounts with out validation. This isn't a Gmail specific issue, it's really a no validation issue. If an account doesn't already exist under an email you can just register and use it right away.

Comment Amazon has no idea what security is (Score 3, Interesting) 131

Christmas before last I was the lovely new recipient of a brand new amazon account, that I didn't signup for. The problem starts with Amazon not validating email ownership and ends with Amazon not understanding how account ownership works. Some child with my same name was given a brand spanking new Fire HD for Christmas and a pile of Amazon gift certificates which they loaded up in short order, the mistake was made they maybe typoed their email address or they them self didn't understand that you don't inherently own

I tried to contact Amazon support and have them fix this problem with out ruining this kids Christmas. Amazon's response? No problem here with their processes, however I should give him my email address as far as they are concerned he owns my gmail account I've had since the closed gmail beta... After much arguing Amazon wasn't budging, I had already explained that gmail ignores dots in your address among other things, so, and etc all are the same account but amazon will register individual accounts for them, my problem is I use a . in mine just for readability and spam identification and is how I have *MY* amazon account registered. Additional fun is anything after a + sign in your email gets ignored too, so you can use an email like and it'll just send any email to that to, maybe I could have used this and told them that this is not a gmail problem and they should fix it? This behavior on google's part is in my opinion: fantastic, it's an epic step on account security meaning someone else can't come along and pretend to be me just by adding or removing a dot from their email address. Blaming Google in this case was a weak attempt at avoiding responsibility.

Long story short, Amazon didn't care that I could reset this kids password and buy whatever it is I wanted using it, as far as they were concerned this wasn't their problem. Here's amazon's official response I got before I escalated it to Jeff Bezos and spoke to the executive of customer relations (this is a thing by the way, anyone can do this)

"Unfortunately, this is an issue that will need to be resolved by Google. We would normally be able to temporarily disable your account in order to sort out the email issues, as these issues can be caused by typos on another person's side. However, as this is not an email typo issue, we will not be able to resolve this issue ourselves. Samantha L"

I would really like to know beyond handing over my account, what they think Google is going to do about it?

Comment Re:End of open and honest? I'll disagree. (Score 0) 246

At what point did I say it should be banned? Please quote the statement. I'm absolutely fine with it as I said, I just said I understand why a public organization decided to end the anonymous commentary. What I didn't agree with was going back and unmasking the past anonymous comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I'm just saying it's more effective if articulated appropriately. My examples you're so delightfully taking out of context because you're even more anonymous than I am were the real examples as to why the paper is ending anonymous commentary.

A small town newspaper, those comments are being made by your immediate neighbors. They apparently don't want you to know that *THEY* really think of you, but they *REALLY* want you to know it.

Outing the past anonymous commenters is just tabloid tactics. It's like having private information and sharing it with the world because they can. If they want their neighbors behaving with civility, fine, set the old comments on fire and go forth with your decisions. Like I said, nothing is forcing people from commenting - go else where if you want them to be anonymous. Requiring an identity is their attempt at maintaining civility.

Comment End of open and honest? I'll disagree. (Score 0) 246

I'm pretty sure I can post open and honest comments while not being anonymous. Unless you define open and honest as the requirement of being allowed to devolve into a stream of profanity and hate at even the smallest amount of disagreement.

Penny Arcade put it best.
Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad

I think this is pretty interesting. Out in society where someone has a face and a name where people behave as if their actions will affect them, but they feel as if online anonymity is a right for them to leverage for their otherwise hidden secret feelings that would normally ruin their reputation. Oh no somebody says something in public that's hateful or otherwise resentful and chastise them for their opinion, but it's totally ok for them and those who crucify them to do it anonymously online.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for anonymous communication but we should be using it as a tool and not a weapon. Unfortunately it's far far far too commonly used as a weapon and that's what drove the newspaper and others to eliminate it. Though retroactively removing the anonymity I don't agree with, it's basically exposing to the world into the deep dark sides people don't want to share. Now you know your neighbor is a homophobe and your kids teacher is a racist, and your wife is actually a generally terrible person. The internet has lots of places you can go be a total pile of crap anonymously, there's no need to do it as publicly as possible via comments to your local news paper.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 4, Insightful) 519

I think perhaps the real issue here is that he's grossly under educated on a subject and he opened his ignorance hole on the subject. Because (so far) murdering 10,000 non-combatant Men, Women and children for not following Islam is totally just trying to protect their community, right?

Disclaimer: There is an application of sarcasm here. Please read carefully.

Comment Why does resolution matter? (Score 2) 47

I'm more responding to a lot of the comments on the Oculus's resolution not the article it self. It's a VR Headset... Think out side of the rectangle in front of you. Why does the "Screen" have to have anything to do with the resolution of the headset? Why cant I have a virtual 4K "display" or multiple virtual displays that I only see the VR headsets native resolution against? I don't need to see the whole monitor at one time when I can just look around? Remember, Windows is kinda crap at scaling so this is a good solution to giving more real estate from Windows perspective while maintaining scale.

Comment Re:Can the counterfeit chip be detected? (Score 1) 572

From the sounds of it, that's pretty much what they're going to do.

I'm totally fine with TFDI disallowing counterfeit devices, even tho the consumer will get boned in the end they will have to go back to the manufacturer that tried to save a few bucks by buying what is unquestionably a counterfeit chip at counterfeit price. There's no pleading ignorance when the official suppliers charge a certain amount and these back ally dealers are a fraction of the price. Any authorized fab is going to have a fixed license fee that's going to keep the price relatively high compared to the unlicensed fabs. Crucifying FTDI because they're disallowing the devices is unfair with out putting most of the blame on the companies sourcing the questionable chips.

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