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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 4, Insightful) 518

I think perhaps the real issue here is that he's grossly under educated on a subject and he opened his ignorance hole on the subject. Because (so far) murdering 10,000 non-combatant Men, Women and children for not following Islam is totally just trying to protect their community, right?

Disclaimer: There is an application of sarcasm here. Please read carefully.

Comment Why does resolution matter? (Score 2) 47

I'm more responding to a lot of the comments on the Oculus's resolution not the article it self. It's a VR Headset... Think out side of the rectangle in front of you. Why does the "Screen" have to have anything to do with the resolution of the headset? Why cant I have a virtual 4K "display" or multiple virtual displays that I only see the VR headsets native resolution against? I don't need to see the whole monitor at one time when I can just look around? Remember, Windows is kinda crap at scaling so this is a good solution to giving more real estate from Windows perspective while maintaining scale.

Comment Re:Can the counterfeit chip be detected? (Score 1) 572

From the sounds of it, that's pretty much what they're going to do.

I'm totally fine with TFDI disallowing counterfeit devices, even tho the consumer will get boned in the end they will have to go back to the manufacturer that tried to save a few bucks by buying what is unquestionably a counterfeit chip at counterfeit price. There's no pleading ignorance when the official suppliers charge a certain amount and these back ally dealers are a fraction of the price. Any authorized fab is going to have a fixed license fee that's going to keep the price relatively high compared to the unlicensed fabs. Crucifying FTDI because they're disallowing the devices is unfair with out putting most of the blame on the companies sourcing the questionable chips.

Comment Re:Is this legal? (Score 2, Insightful) 700

I think the question should be, is this patch they're applying that's bricking these devices a functional patch that does benefit the official FTDI hardware? If the answer is yes then there's no malicious intent or action being taken place here. You cant expect the company to test an update against counterfit hardware and you cant expect them to lose any sleep over it.

Now if what they're doing is specifically targeted at doing this and doesnt change anythign at all on official hardware? Then there may be a legal argument here. Like if their hardware you cant set a particular register/fuse but the counterfit hardware you can burn said fuse then ya they're trying to brick it.

Comment Agner Krarup Erlang - The telephone in 1909! (Score 5, Informative) 342

A guy named Agner Erlang solved most of this already, and we can thank the telephone. He took his work on how to figure out the optimal number of trunk lines for a town and used that to model cash register lines. Erlang worked out that one line into many registers is the fastest and most efficient, so if one line backs up but another one moves quickly, people don't bunch up at the register that was slow. You can see this system at work at Walmart of all places, their express checkout section where they tell you what register to go to is based on this model. If there's a bottleneck beyond the register, say the ice truck, then have a second queue where individuals are provided with something like a receipt for them to obtain the ice directly from the truck. This also has the benefit of individuals being able to buy more than one bag of ice and can come back and enter the ice truck queue to fill the remainder of the order later rather than requeue in the register line. Obviously there are risks to that but ultimately the risk would be the consumers. Both of these methods are in use today and even at the same time in some cases, I saw it just last summer at a beer festival. We went through one queue to get beer tokens, and then there were multiple vendors who accepted those tokens for you to redeem it. Then the vendors redeemed their tokens from the festival operators.

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