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Comment: Re:Survey says, (Score 2, Interesting) 943

by Sir dies alot (#12683354) Attached to: 60% Of U.S. Believe Life Exists On Other Planets
Thats a little harsh, don't you think. Personnally I fall into a few of the categories mentioned by the parent (I'll keep which ones to myself though) but I would like to point out that not all things deal in absolutes. There are a number of reasons someone would believe in many of the things you mentioned, many people I know believe in some form of a god and afterlife simply because that is how they were raised and it makes them feel better to belive in it. Are they wrong, who knows, does believing that way hurt anyone around them, no. The harm from beliefs come from the fanactical zealots in any side of a belief. What you or I believe is our choice, when someone starts to press their beliefs onto others is when we have a problem.

Whenever people agree with me, I always think I must be wrong. - Oscar Wilde