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Comment Oh hell yes (Score 1) 291

Job security in IT isn't terrible as it is, but if you make it so everyone writes their own code, instead of hiring professionals? I'll be getting paid to fix people's bugs for forever and a day, and the people I'll be rescuing will be genuinely happy with contract negotiations along the lines of "sure, yeah, take whatever you want; just don't make me go back in there again."

There is a reason I quite happily pay an expert to do my plumbing. Take whatever you want man; just don't make me go back in there again.

Comment Elapsed time to this becoming a contest... (Score 4, Interesting) 256

3.2 seconds.

Idiots who are rich enough to afford the ticket will probably take it as a badge of honor, and/or vie for getting pulled over in the weirdest places.

I remember when they put breathalyzers in Australian pubs so people could check if they were legal to drive home... and then had to take them out again when people started having contests to see who could blow the highest BA levels before passing out.

Comment Re:The war that no one wanted (Score 1) 471

"I'm not sure I'd bother wearing it after the first few days even if it was given to me."

This is what will kill them. Lots of people might end up with a smart watch, but with out a compelling reason to wear and use them, very few will upgrade to a second one. The cellphone / tablet industry only survives at its current levels on the folks who feel the need to upgrade every six months; the wearable tech folks are going to have to do something to recycle their customers the same way, or they've got a limited market.

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