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Comment: The Future (Score 1) 926

by Sir Foxx (#45384997) Attached to: Where Does America's Fear Come From?
They fear what is coming. Resources are running out. Within the next 100 years you are going to see upheaval the world has never seen, due to the size of the world population and it's reliance on oil. As that runs out, food production will be disrupted and with that comes a desperate populace and that is dangerous. Along with Climate Change, you will see nations go to war over what is left and it's inevitable it will eventually go nuclear. The people at the top see this, know this and in their misguided attempts, are trying to setup a control apparatus to protect themselves and hope they can contain things to enjoy the level of comfort they have achieved for themselves. Be glad you're living now, because the next 100 years are going to be bleak and dark. Of course if we ever get the fusion thing to work, we may be able to avert this, but with what we've done to the environment and how the oceans are quickly becoming dead zones, I think the future shown in the movie "Soylent Green" is going to more of guide(referring to environment not really the eating of people) than a work of fiction.

Comment: WTF (Score 1) 299

by Sir Foxx (#43352143) Attached to: Disney Closes LucasArts
All I asked for was an undated to today's standard in graphics Tie Fighter. And you can't even do that. One of the richest trove of made for video games universes in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones and somehow you fuck it up and can't stay in business. I don't understand. They should be a juggernaut in the Video Game world.