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+ - Democracy crusaders scrambling to cross crowd funding finish line 1

Submitted by SingleEntendre
SingleEntendre writes: Time is running out for the Mayday PAC to reach its latest crowd funding goal of $5M. The total currently stands at $4.5M. Led by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, the Mayday PAC seeks to reduce the influence of money in US politics by 2016, primarily by identifying and supporting congressional candidates who share this vision. If phase 2 is successful, with matching funds the total raised will be $12M. A self-imposed deadline arrives at of midnight tonight, July 4th, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST).

Comment: Re:Epic patent trolls? (Score 1) 89

by SingleEntendre (#32056444) Attached to: Red Hat Prevails Against Patent Troll Acacia
Besides, a patent ".. that cover[s] a computer-based graphical user interface that ... lets users access icons remotely, according to court documents. " doesn't seem very efficient. Inserting lawyers and courts into this remote access process would increase latency. Don't let lawyers get involved in software engineering !

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