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Comment: Re:The Internet: Where Religions Come To Die (Score 4, Interesting) 1037

by SinaSa (#46674979) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
and yet, the old superstitions have been replaced by new ones.
Those who believe in chemtrails, reptilians and illuminati or a different set which might believe in chakras, tarot and energy healing all happily believe whatever is posted on naturalnews or globalresearchca.
Observation would suggest that "this ploy" is still just as effective on the internet.

Comment: Australia Day, 0 hours! (Score 1) 354

by SinaSa (#26597073) Attached to: How Many Hours Of Work Do You Do Per Workday?

I work casual in an ops centre. 7am-7pm or 7pm-7am, very nice legacy from my days of studying, a flexible well paying job!

Can work anywhere between 12h (pay the bills) to 72h (rakin' it in) a week.

Being essential staff is good but who knows if our overall industry (TV) will hold up. I told my boss as long as they keep paying me I will hang around. Savings into cash and gold!

Tomorrow is Australia Day kiddies, so I will be working 0 hours! We are throwing a party under the Harbour Bridge, woohoo!

Comment: Re:What is it with Asians and robots? (Score 1) 119

by SinaSa (#25410297) Attached to: Flower Robots For Your Home

Seriously, is there anything they don't want to turn into a robot?

"American universities and Japanese manufacturers have produced toy-like robot plants, but ours has various new kinetic and electronic functions," project leader Park Jong-oh said. "It's a fresh attempt to introduce the concept of plants, rather than humans or animals, to robot making." Seems admirable enough to me.

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