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Comment Re:Please sir can I have more mass! (Score 1) 69

Never had a problem with carrying lithium batteries on an airplane. Carried v-mount and many others, as long as the terminals have tape over them or have a case so they do not short they allow them onboard. Also, you can buy batteries (alkaline or lithium AA's for example, even digital camera batteries) in duty free and carry them on-board, this is after check-in and security.

Comment Re:Oh, begging ... (Score -1, Troll) 156

it does suck, however, that things like this (and the dreadful new search box, the new tab bullshit, etc) are forced on people who then have to figure out how to get rid of the shit or revert to the 'old way', which often means digging into about:config or adding a new third-party extension because they take so much control out of the options UI

Too much in the UI was confusing and un-usable for the average person. From a UX point of view, it was a nightmare. From a support angle, it was terrible. People do not care about control, just the minute people like you'd find here. At least Mozilla is not like almost all open source companies where UX and UI is given no thought because developers design them as they think they should be, not how they should be. Hats off to Mozilla for doing proper usability studies, which Google copied Mozilla's conclusions to make Chrome UI.

Comment Re:But the price... (Score 1) 128

Wrist band type pedometers I find highly inaccurate. I have two waist worn pedometers and put them on for a week, at the end of each day they were between +/- 20-50 out (10,000 steps), the FitBit was + 1,000 to 2,000 different. The FitBit was counting when I raised my arm, ate from a spoon, and other stuff...

I do agree we may put our phone down when at home or in the office. However, many pedometers do not count unless it detects more than 20 steps, so at home for me they rarely count my steps.

Comment Re: I don't understand google+ (Score 1) 210

Yes that's true. To get my Google ID card I had to register online on a kiosk, you have to authorise a G+ app access to your account, if you do not have a G+ account you have to register.

Google HR use it for recruiting. I had to recommend a friend recently for a job at google. The whole job application process is done through G+, form filling, hangout for interviews, the works. Many google employees have secondary accounts that are not public but for internal use only, once my friend got past the first interview a new person circled them, a VP of HP then recommended him for the next stage.

Comment Re:a better question (Score 0) 592

Mac's, especially the iMac, Mac Book Pro and Mac Pro machines have always been competitively priced. Yes you can get PCs with similar or the same spec, but not a 'ton cheaper', the iMac I scratch my head over not finding anything nearly similar for the money, take the 5k iMac, it is insanely cheap. I'm not sure of any laptops with the build quality of Apple laptops.

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